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When most households are going to cook outside, they think about gas grills and grilling.

The first gas grill introduced back in the 1930s was sold by the Chicago Combustion Corporation, was called the BROILBURGER. These first grills, also known as the Lazy-Man was marketed as an open-fire charcoal-like gas burner. These gas broilers featured what they called 'permanent coals,' now known as lava rocks. The first widely available grills (actually known as broilers at the time) featured a 20-gallon propane tank.

Today, the most common fuel source for gas grilling is propane or butane, also known as liquid propane gas (LPG). Some gas grills can also use natural gas. The gas flame either directly cooks the food on the grill or heats elements, which then heat the grilled food. In recent years, the 'flat-top' griddle has become popular as well. The griddle is a flat surface, much like you could see in a commercial kitchen or diner.

close up photo of hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill

close up photo of hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill

The gas grill is the most popular today in the US, with 61% of households owning one. This is ahead of charcoal grills, with 49% of households owning one and 10% with an electric grill. Grill ownership adds up to 120%, so many families, including mine, have more than one type of grill. Many purists don't think much about gas grills and grilling, but there's a massive place in the outdoor cooking world for gas. There's a lot that you can only do with gas, so it's a critical tool we all should have.

The popularity of grilling, preparing food outside, and entertaining has become extremely popular in recent years and continued to take off during the pandemic. We use our gas grill all year round primarily because we love the taste of freshly grilled food. We also do this because we love to be outside. I've even grilled during snowstorms watching college football. It's just our lifestyle.

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