Best Counter Depth Refrigerators Reviews in 2020


You’ll possess plenty of possibilities when you need to buy a brand new refrigerator. While common fridges work just alright for bigger home kitchens along with a lot of flooring space, if you possess a smaller kitchen or even merely really want a sleeker appearance, a counter deepness fridge might be a far better choice with the best counter depth refrigerators. This form of the fridge will not stand out past your counters into your kitchen space, as well as the sleek layout produces a visually feeling free to option.

To aid you to get started along with your hunt, we’ve picked the five best counter depth refrigerators you can purchase. To do this, we took a look at several aspects, and our team consisted of some information about the absolute most necessary features to try to find in counter depth refrigerators to assist you along with your hunt. Whether you’re seeking a smaller sized fridge for your house of two, or even you require a counter deepness fridge with sufficient ability to hold groceries for your family of five, our experts located possibilities that are going to work for your necessities. Keep reading to learn more about what you ought to seek in a brand new refrigerator and to view our leading selections.

The Very Best Counter Depth Refrigerators: Our Leading Picks

1. Greatest Total: GE Profile French Door Refrigerator

GE Profile 23.1 cu ft French Door

Customizable format, thoughtful lighting fixtures, and also a streamlined profile page.

Why We Selected It

The GE Account 23.1 cu feet French Door Fridge’s style permits personalized temperature management and ease. Humidity-controlled crispers keep food items fresh, and TwinChill evaporators enable different temperatures in the clean food items and freezer section to keep foods. A digital temperature screen inside the left side door brings in adjusting temps easy, and the refrigerator is ENERGY SUPERSTAR got power productivity and also discounts on your power costs. At 28.75 inches deep, this counter-depth refrigerator suits typically right into many kitchens.

The refrigerator also possesses lots of advantages functions. Inner parts LED illumination boosts visibility, and also a door alarm system notifies you if a door is left open too long. The refrigerator additionally has a factory-installed ice maker and also a water filtering system.

Bear in mind

Some owners located that the converter runs noisally, thus consider where the fridge is set up in connection with your dining room and also various other social spaces when deciding if this is the product that’s right for you.

In summary

– Humidity management and temperature control zones allow tailored environments to always keep food items new

– ENERGY CELEBRITY got energy and electric bill savings

– Plenty of ease functions like LED lights, ice producer, and also water filtering device

2.Runner-Up: KitchenAid French Door Refrigerator

KitchenAid twenty cu ft French Door Refrigerator

Features like a fruit and vegetable saver function and also great stability help make the KitchenAid a solid selection.

Why Our team Selected It

The KitchenAid 20 cu ft French Door Refrigerator combinations functions with a portable layout. Merely 34.75 ins deep, this fridge offers an integrated look. It is equipped along with an ExtendFresh Temperature Level Control Device which utilizes sensors to keep track of and readjust the temperature levels of all of the meals within the fridge. Also, the Generate Preserver takes out the ethylene fuel produced by numerous veggies and fruits. This gasoline causes them to over-ripen, yet removing it maintains the food items clean a lot longer. Moisture regulated crispers, an interior filtered water accessory, a metallic wine rack, an automated ice producer, and also more improve this refrigerator.


At 20 cubic feet, this refrigerator gets on the much smaller side, therefore while it might be a terrific choice for a household of 2 or 3, families of four or even five may discover that it doesn’t offer adequate storage space.


– Temperature control, as well as ethylene removal units, ensure food stays new

– Inner parts filtered water accessory, automated ice maker, as well as a metal wine cellar, add ease

– Refrigerator procedures just 34.75 inches deep

3. Finest for Loved Ones: Samsung Family Members Center Smart Refrigerator

Samsung Household Hub 4-Door Smart Fridge

Features like an electronic bulletin board system and a fingerprint-resistant coating help make the Samsung excellent for families.

Why Our company Chose It

For busy families on the move, the Samsung Loved Ones Hub 4-Door Smart Refrigerator makes it easy to keep hooking up. The digital family members’ bulletin board system permits you to incorporate as well as personalize pictures, also, to leave transcribed notes. Along With Loved one’s Hub, you may play songs as you are cooking as well as manage your family’s calendars throughout your fridge. The refrigerator is both Wi-Fi and Bixby permitted for remote administration as well as comfort, therefore you can easily inspect what remains in your refrigerator while you go to the supermarket to be sure you obtain every little thing you require.

Measuring 34.29 ins deep, this counter-depth refrigerator fits into most kitchen areas. The FlexZone drawer possesses 4 temp settings, and a paired air conditioning style aids to stop both spoiling and also fridge freezer shed. The exterior surface is also fingerprint-resistant, making this fridge an efficient option for loved ones.

Bear in mind

Some buyers have discovered that it’s complicated to fit a quart of dairy in the door compartments, however, the refrigerator performs provide tons of room so you can find one more spot to keep the dairy.

In a Nutshell

– Wi-Fi connectivity, Family Hub, and also electronic family members bulletin board allows your whole household to remain connected, regardless of where you are actually

– FlexZone cabinet and also twin air conditioning aids to stop spoilage

– Fingerprint-resistant outside surface

4. Greatest Side-by-Side: GE Account Side-by-Side Fridge

GE Account 21.8 cu feet Side-by-Side Fridge

This GE Account refrigerator ships on the concept, cost, and also dependability.

Why Our Experts Chose It

If you don’t as if needing to crouch to grab things coming from a bottom-mount fridge, the GE Account 21.8 cu ft Side-by-Side Refrigerator gives a beneficial choice. While this refrigerator is on call at a reduced price aspect than the other models our company has decided on, it still uses premium and also plenty of features. It includes a water filtering device and also an ice producer, and also spill-proof glass shelves. The crisper compartments are humidity-controlled, and also the indoor controls are positioned at the front end of the fridge so they’re easy to get access to. Assessing merely 27.5 inches deep, this is just one of the shallower fridges that you’ll discover.

Bear in mind

Given that this fridge delivers only under 22 cubic feet of storage area, it isn’t ideal for big loved ones, however, it does the job for much smaller households of only a few individuals.


– Water purification system and ice manufacturer promotion convenience

– Interior temp managements are located at the face of the refrigerator for simple accessibility

– Just 27.5 inches deep, implying the fridge fits into the majority of contrary rooms

5. Best French Door: Frigidaire Gallery French Door Refrigerator

Frigidaire Gallery 21.7 cu feet French Door Refrigerator

Compact as well as power dependable with combined ice and water dispenser.

How Our Company Decided On the greatest Counter Depth Refrigerators

To decide on the best counter depth refrigerators, our team examined each fridge based on a lot of high qualities. Coming from indoor measurements to electricity performance and also general customer total satisfaction, we considered the observing to carry you the best products.

Inside Size

Ability, as well as internal dimension, comes to be even more necessary, particularly if you possess bigger family members given that counter depth refrigerator are usually smaller than conventional refrigerators. Some countertop depth refrigerators fix this problem by enhancing the refrigerator’s width, while others make use of creative interior design to optimize capacity. We sought fridges that supplied not simply capacity, yet likewise extremely versatile storage alternatives like adjustable racks as well as various cabinets.


Components like filtered water and an ice producer may feel like conveniences, but they may make your day-to-day life less complicated and enrich the functionality of the refrigerator. Our company took into consideration the functions that a refrigerator provides, like powerful indoor LED illumination, electronic temp controls, open door alarm systems, as well as also touchscreen shows.

Energy Efficiency

We simply looked at fridges that were electricity star rated. These refrigerators are built to put in a reputable efficiency however to spare electricity as they do it, so they give essential ecological benefits while additionally saving you funds on your power bill. Considering that many of these fridges offer zoned environment management and comprehensive temperature level management, you can, even more, save money on power by adjusting the temps so that the refrigerator doesn’t remain cold than required.

Dependability & Client Total Satisfaction

Fixing a refrigerator is bothersome and also expensive, and a fridge that damages instantly may suggest that you’ll need to have to toss out all of your food items. The refrigerators that our team chose are shown to carry out more than time, as well as are very reputable. Furthermore, our company thought about total client satisfaction along with each refrigerator, recommending just the fridges that possess a wonderful consumer fulfillment score.

Counter-Depth vs. Requirement Deepness Refrigerators

Counter-depth refrigerators are made to rest flush, or virtually flush, along with your kitchen space’s counters. These refrigerators have a small style and may create a smooth look in your home kitchen. They’re also especially important if you possess a slim kitchen area with limited floor room, given that they are less cumbersome and also occupy much less room than basic intensity fridges. Many counter depth refrigerators have a depth of 30 ins or less. The only technique to increase the capacity of these refrigerators is through improving their width, therefore if you’re looking for a counter depth option with lots of stores, expect to buy a large fridge.

Common intensity fridges are deeper, typically evaluating over 30-36 inches. They can look bulkier and also may stretch out previous your counters. Conventional intensity fridges could be an excellent enhancement to spacious kitchen spaces along with considerable amounts of flooring space.

What to Try to find in a Counter Depth Fridge

When selecting the most effective counter depth fridge for your house, be sure to look at the following factors:


The arrangement of a fridge will certainly affect how you use it every time, so this is one of the very most crucial variables. Counter-depth refrigerators are on call in several setups, consisting of a side-by-side fridge freezer and also fridge, as well as with the freezer on the leading or even on the bottom.


Counter intensity fridges come in various distances, elevations, as well as midsts. Procedure the existing room in your cooking area to ensure that you understand the precise dimensions that your new fridge ought to have.


Much like common deepness refrigerators, counter deepness fridges have a selection of features, formats, and also finishes. A fingerprint-resistant or smudge-resistant coating may be most ideal if you possess little ones. When choosing the general appearance that you yearn for in a brand-new refrigerator, consider the current color program in your home kitchen.

Don’t forget to consider attributes that you yearn for the refrigerator to have, too, like a touchscreen possibility, flexible shelves, open door alerts, and extra. If you buy lots of fruit and vegetables, you might want a refrigerator along with bigger or several crisper compartments. Deal with the current issues you possess along with your existing refrigerator and also try to find a brand new refrigerator along with components that are going to solve those problems.


You can easily devote anywhere coming from $five hundred to $10,000 on a counter intensity fridge. To locate the right choice for you, consider your spending plan as well as which features you must-have in your brand new fridge. Do not forget to budget for any sort of shipment or installation prices, also.


Whether you’re searching for a much smaller refrigerator for your residence of two, or you require a counter intensity fridge along with the adequate capacity to hold grocery stores for your family members of 5, we have found options that are going to work for your demands. Some countertop intensity fridges resolve this trouble by enhancing the refrigerator’s size, while others use imaginative indoor style to make the most of the ability. Because numerous of these fridges supply zoned temperature command and also comprehensive temp management, you can even further conserve on power by adjusting the temperature levels so that the refrigerator does not stay colder than important.

Simply like common depth fridges, contrarily intensity refrigerators possess a variety of functions, designs, as well as surfaces. Think concerning the present concerns you have along with your current refrigerator as well as look for a new fridge along with components that are going to address those problems.

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