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Kitchen space is possibly the final location you would certainly anticipate to discover one thing geeky, as well as a reducing panel, is most likely the final factor any kind of nerd would certainly take a gizmo.

Along with a great passion for meals, nerds around the planet are attempting to discover a method to “improve” preparing food procedure along with exciting things, mention a great reducing panel. Look into 17 geekiest the best cutting board designs listed below for a tip to imprint your Mother.

Leading 17 Geekiest Best Cutting Board Designs

1.Eco-Friendly Liquid Crystal Displays Reducing Panel

Advertising campaign

Nardo Style’s brand-new electronic idea is a statement that also one thing as aged as a reducing panel can easily receive very hi-tech. To produce it also extra preferable, the panel is helped make completely of atmosphere pleasant parts consisting of the top and also bromide free of cost circuit panel as well as the safe chromium deal with.

2. Collapsible Reducing Panel

To promote the meals transmitting, Antony Joseph has created a collapsible reducing panel which is partitioned right into 3 portions. The much bigger main one is indicated for reducing, and also the 2 sections on either edge fold when the manage is pushed to ensure that the food items may be transmitted right off the panel right into your preparing food flowerpots conveniently.

3. Intermediary Reducing Panel

Moving food items into the cooking food flowerpot after reducing is certainly never simple, as well as much more than one of the best cutting board designs that have been launched to create the method smoother. This time around, the reducing panel coming from Chris and also Dark red is created along with a rounded intermediary for platters as well as is increased up somewhat enabling home plate to move right under.

4. Oxo Good Grips Collapsible Reducing Panel

Oxo Good Grips Collapsible Reducing Panel is a polypropylene panel which is hard-wearing, smell immune, and also cutter shielding. The dark non-slip sides deliver a dependable area flashing your blade skill-sets. The most effective trait is actually that you can easily fold up the panel asunder to instruct all the substances appropriately into the skillet after ending up.

5. Mark Reducing Panel

Any sort of hygiene-conscious prepare will understand that our experts need to have to utilize a panel to reduce vegetable, a panel to reduce fish, a panel to reduce raw meals, and also yet another to reduce prepared meals. To steer clear of that complication, a stunning collection of 4 mark reducing panels are presented.

6. iPad tablet Reducing Panel

This extremely trendy iPad tablet reducing panel components laser device etched cooking symbols externally, identical to those you observe on an actual iPad tablet display screen. Certainly not simply performs it seem like one, it is additionally crafted from the very same measurements as an Apple iPad. Perfect for reducing apples, isn’t it?

7. Apple Macbook Reducing Panel

If certainly not for its wood appeal, this reducing panel can be actually properly taken for a Thirteen in Macbook Pro. To fulfill Apple supporters to the harsh, the panel is additionally created coming from apple lumber.

8. Pac-Man Reducing Panel

The Pac-Man reducing panels, possibly influenced due to the chowing audio of those pestering ghosts, are crafted from wood bits in end-grain design to avoid the blade coming from reducing the hardwood thread. Cost $165, these reducing panels are 3 opportunities much more pricey than the costly Apple one, as they are one hundred% palm created.

9. Area Enemies Reducing Panel

The invaders coming from the renowned film have stopped working to infest the Planet as well as currently come to be hostages under the blades of your kitchen area! These geeky Room Intruders reducing panels were palm produced coming from pine as well as hard-maple, launched as restricted version, as well as a result, are extremely collectible.

10. Mario Reducing Panel

Feel it or otherwise, this fantastic Mario cutting is a result of a Do It Yourself task. Depending on the developer, the panel is produced coming from pine, birch, cherry, and also walnut, come up with mineral oil as well as beeswax for food items safety and security. The wood pixels needed to be glued one row each time, along with a great deal of various other thorough actions.

11. Zelda-Inspired Triforce Reducing Panel

This Zelda influenced Triforce reducing panel is the best combo of outstanding high quality and also amazing layout along with impressive triangular located style. Like the majority of luxury reducing panels, it is produced coming from pine as well as hard-maple in end -surface type.

12. Confusing Reducing Panel

If you discover cooking on its own certainly not perplexing good enough, attempt this “Part It All Together Reducing Panels.” The collection features 2 components that seem like a pair of items of jigsaw problem as well as may be intertwined like in a challenge video game. You may either make use of each of all of them individually or even join all of them with each other to produce a much bigger panel.

13. Greetings Cat Reducing Panel

Hi there Feline is therefore treasured to females that whenever there are females, there are Greetings Cat relevant items. It is certainly not unexpected that the little bit of kittycat additionally observes our company into the cooking area under the form of an adorable reducing panel.

14. Guitar Reducing Panel

This guitar formed reducing panel is likely to produce food preparation as enjoyable as popular music to your palms. Greater than merely a visual appeal, the guitar takes care of additionally supplies a pleasant spot to store as well as get.

15. Container Reducing Panel

Meals and also consume alcohol accompany more frequently than you believe, and also this container molded reducing panel may create your cooking a lot more intriguing. The text message on surface area states “May your glass consistently be 50 percent complete.” It likewise possesses a curl spreader.

16. Chuck Norris Reducing Panel

A little bit of wit coming from this reducing panel will incorporate actual enjoyment to your food preparation. “Chuck Norris reduces without a panel. You are certainly not Chuck Norris” so you much better devote $35 on this Chuck Norris panel.

17. Rocketeer Reducing Panel

While it is unsure that this rocketeer reducing panel can easily take a large jump to your food preparation ability, a 3D laser-engraved rocketeer picture on the reducing panel can easily pull you, nerds, into the home kitchen periodically. They are additionally offered in Vespa, Skier, as well as Scuba diver models along with contributor depictions.


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Nardo Layout’s brand new electronic principle is an announcement that also one thing as aged as a reducing panel can easily receive fairly hi-tech. To create it also a lot more preferable, the panel is helped make completely of atmosphere helpful elements featuring the top as well as bromide cost-free circuit panel as well as the safe chromium manage. Oxo Good Grips Foldable Reducing Panel is a polypropylene panel which is hard-wearing, smell immune, as well as cutter shielding. Any sort of hygiene-conscious chef would certainly understand that our experts require to make use of a panel to reduce vegetable, a panel to reduce fish, a panel to reduce raw meals, and also one more to reduce prepared meals. Food items as well as consume alcohol go throughout even more common than you believe, as well as this container formed reducing panel, may produce your food items prep work considerably a lot more appealing.

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