Best Cutting Board Material for Meat Reviews in 2020


Why Lumber Is Still the very best Reducing Panel Component with the best cutting board material for meat.

Ones helped make coming from the authentic product– timber– are still the finest when it happens to reduce panels.

Top of the Best cutting board material for meat.


Along with the suitable treatment and also servicing, a great chopping board can easily last you a long period.

– The most effective chopping board product is one that could be conveniently cleaned, as well as does not harm or even blunt blades.

– Common choices for reducing panel products are timber, plastic, bamboo, and also rubber.

– Timber reducing panels transcend for their self-healing and also hard-wearing homes, and also their capacity to protect a blade side.

When the initial reducing panel was actually helped make, or even hacked somewhat, coming from a tough plant log through our cooking neanderthal forefathers, they were just using what they carried palm. As it ends up, what they carried palm is still the most effective product to produce reducing panels coming from today.

There are, obviously, various other choices on call. New products have actually because been created for kitchen area usage, along with the absolute most popular being plastic.

For the many components, timber cutting panels stay the ideal when it happens to meal prep work. That is actually why our company decided to produce our hardwood reducing panels. Keep reading for every little thing you require to understand about this all-natural component and also why it is still a reduction over the remainder.


When you believe in performing a cooking area job, you picture a hassle-free, sterilized area. You definitely would not assume lumber, along with its organic surface and also penetrable area, to possess a correct area in the kitchen area.

What occurs when a tough product enters into exposure to various other difficult components? Chinking, breaking, and also certainly, wreckage.

Heavily-used home kitchen tools like pots and pans and also blades take the impact of the job as well as have to be created challenging sufficient to handle the activities available. Everything that happens right into call along with these should not be as challenging. The excellent corresponding product would certainly be one thing heavy yet along with a light return, one thing that will endure regular usage however certainly not destroy a blade’s cutter– it will be one thing like hardwood.

There are numerous kinds of lumber and also numerous perks to making use of lumber as a reducing panel surface area. Certainly, not just is it hard-wearing and also typically sturdy, some timber panels also display self-healing residential properties versus consistent blade cutting.


Plastic chopping boards are simple to use in the home kitchen, as they are light-weight as well as can be found in an assortment of colors.

The second best in reducing panel products is plastic. The 2 forms of plastic very most popular in the cooking area are high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or even Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA)– along with each being difficult sufficient to reduce on yet still delicate sufficient on blades.

The plastic chopping board is likewise somewhat lighter, extra budget-friendly, as well as accessible in a broad collection of colors (a choice for chefs that as if to color-code their panels to stop cross-contamination). They are additionally quick and easy to sterilize, as HDPE as well as PVA can easily endure very most food-safe cleansing remedies, extended periods of saturating opportunity, and also patterns in the dishwashing machine.

Plastic performs possess a handful of flaws. When the product is reduced, it remains to reduce– exposing locations where germs may effortlessly gather and also enter into. While plastic panels might use a much easier surface-level clean-up at initially, they are a lot more susceptible to keeping dust, spots, and also scents along with every usage, which produces all of them more difficult to cleanse in the lengthy operate.

The lighter, thinner building and construction of the majority of plastic chopping board may additionally develop an unpredictable job area. The final point you prefer while possessing a pointy blade and also new active ingredients is a dangerous, light-weight reducing panel.

Matched up to lumber, plastic is likewise a little bit harder on cooking area blades. While there have been a handful of brand new products that profess to provide a softer cutting area, these are certainly not however the specification one of the plastic panels as well as the brand-new components might also fag out quicker. (When acquiring a plastic reducing panel, constantly are sure you acquire one that is NSF-compliant and also FDA accepted.).


You have possibly viewed a couple of rubber reducing panels in open-kitchen bistros or even on cooking food programs. These are the heavy, boring beige-colored panels that are ending up being an increasing number of popular in expert cooking areas.

Rubber manages to mimic the very same homes as lumber, being sturdy as well as big-time, however, mild sufficient to keep a blade’s reducing side. The product is additionally understood to possess identical self-healing residential properties. Rubber panels are reduced servicing, may keep up versus the majority of food-safe cleansing answers, and also are sometimes dishwasher-safe.

Rubber carries out thaw. It can not be utilized under a warm fulfilling recipe or even as an offering plate– certainly not that its commercial look welcomes you to accomplish, therefore. And also along with a rubber reducing panel having to do with the very same cost as the initial wood selection, the majority of residence chefs are far better off along with a high-quality timber reducing panel.


As opposed to what a lot of might presume, bamboo is in fact certainly not lumber however a truly challenging yard. It’s, in fact, tougher as well as a lot less permeable than a lot of hardwoods, dropping someplace in between pine and also walnut. (On the Janka range, an industry-wide criterion that evaluates the solidity of lumber, bamboo is 1,380, while pine is 1,010, as well as walnut, is 1,450.).

The organic thickness of bamboo makes a reducing panel that is very insusceptible to scarring as well as soaking up liquefied, which suggests it is much less probably to accommodate micro-organisms.

Bamboo is an extremely eco-friendly source and also produces a gorgeous panel. It may offer as a helpful cheese panel or even starter holder if you possess a bamboo panel in your cooking area.


While glass and also marble panels create exceptional providing racks, they are certainly not suggested for reducing food items.

There a ton of photographs drifting around on the web mood boards that include a seed-crusted bun, some smooth white-colored cheese, as well as new periodic berries on a wonderful marble panel– thus wonderful that you could believe willing to walk out and also obtain a marble panel of your personal. Do not.

If you have ever before made an effort cutting one thing on glass or even marble panel (or even been actually near a person that possesses), you possibly discovered that these components are certainly not implied to end up being reducing panels. And also elevating a sizable marble panel coming from the cabinet to resist?

That being stated, glass or even marble panels carry out possess their reason– which is actually to serve as an offering holder or even a chilly area for spinning money. They need to certainly never (ever before!) be made use of for reducing.

When appropriately looked after, nevertheless, glass, as well as marble panels, are incredibly eye-catching parts to invite your house as well as can easily last a lifetime.


Even when you choose to preserve much more than one slicing panel, a minimum of among all of them ought to be lumber. Certainly not merely is it a lovely as well as practical cooking area device, it may additionally last a life-time if adequately preserved.

The most ideal means to wash a hardwood panel is actually to remove all staying meals deposit coming from the surface area after each makes use of. Merely palm washout along with warm and comfortable water as well as detergent, as well as leave behind out to entirely air-dry. The timber chopping board ought to certainly not be submerged in water and also needs to certainly not be cleaned up in the dishwashing machine.

When you see the lumber coming to be a little dry out– normally every handful of months– provide the whole surface area an excellent clean cognizant food-grade mineral oil. Avoid utilizing food-based oil, like grease or even pine oil, as these tend to go putrid. This normal servicing will guarantee your wood reducing panel stays a bit-, smell-, and also stain-free.


Very few items today are helped make coming from the very same product as the first model. Lumber, having said that, still confirms to create the very best chopping board. It is typically heavy, sturdy, and also offers merely the correct amount of to keep a kitchen area blade’s reducing upper hand.

Lumber is a naturally-grown, natural component that can easily be effortlessly created and also formed into an excellent reducing panel for any kind of cooking area.

Final Thoughts

That is actually why our company opted to produce our lumber reducing panels. There are a lot of styles of lumber as well as numerous advantages to making use of hardwood as a reducing panel area. (When getting a plastic reducing panel, consistently create certain you obtain one that is NSF-compliant and also FDA permitted.).

As well as along with a rubber reducing panel being actually regarding the same rate as the authentic wood range, a lot of property chefs are far better off along with a top-notch timber reducing panel with the best cutting board material for meat.

If you have ever before attempted cutting one thing on glass or even marble panel (or even been actually near an individual that possesses), you most likely recognized that these components are certainly not implied to come to be reducing panels.

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