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Best Electric Kitchen Knife Sharpener Reviews in 2020


Every single kitchen knife needs to reestablish its factory sharpness once it gets dull. Whether it’s by hand authenticated with a skillful man or employing the best electric knife sharpener, it’s an issue of personal option. A lot of people agreed that the best electric kitchen knife sharpener requires a cleaning service. However, it’s expensive and time-consuming. Or an expert and the skillful person may do it with whetstones at home and sharpening toolkits.    


1. Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric Sharpener   

That is just about the economical kitchen knife sharpeners manufactured by National Presto Industries, Inc. The Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener can be just actually really a sharpener made for kitchen and sporting knives created from stainless steel, alloy, or carbon. 

Even the Sapphire material is utilized in professional trimming shops.

Stage 1 is for hone and period two, and 20 degrees precision grinding will be to polish the border. Even though it’s a minimal budget, electric sharpener that is entry-level, it could turn dull knives into advantages in one.

The three suction cups at the floor allow it to keeps the sharpener firmly to avoid slipping throughout the sharpening process. Two receptacles are situated underneath to store the metallic filing, and it can be readily disposed of.

The design that is sleek and contemporary can very quickly blend in most of the kitchen layouts. Users are impressed by its quiet operation.

  • Cheap solution, affordable for all families.
  • The ergonomic design of sharpening stone with plastic cups.
  • Precision blade manuals.
  • acceptable for different kinds of knives.
  • Sapphire sharpening wheels.
  • Quiet performance.
  • Not very effective for expert bass.
  • maybe not acceptable for Chinese knives.
  • perhaps not recommended for serrated blades.

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2. LINKYO Electric Sharpener

Even the Linkyo sharpener is a 2-stage knife sharpening system that focuses on speed and quality. The very first stage reshapes the angle as the second stage hones and polishes the blade.

Linky comes with automatic blade positioning guides. The sharpening process is a cinch as the guides will position the blade for you.

As a result of the integrated”Cease” feature that’s designed for beginner and experienced consumers. You are pretty sure it won’t hurt your knives.

Clearing filings and the metallic shards are easy. It comes to assemble filings after each use. This clean-up’s frequency will depend on how many times you use the sharpener.

With safety feature built-in to make it’s rock-solid and doesn’t slip, the heavy-duty suction cups on the bottom will ensure it remains in position during usage.

This electric sharpener is for sharpening knives that are straight edge excellent but lack behind for serrated blades.

Overall, it is a reliable and affordable electric knife sharpener.

  • Automatic blade positioning guides.
  • Constructed”Stop” feature to avoid damaging the knife.
  • Suction cups to keep sharpener firmly set up.
  • The sharpening steel of this version is cheap.
  • Simple to use.
  • The engine slows down whenever you press hard.
  • Perhaps not to serrated scissors and blades.

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3. Chef’s Choice 250 Diamond 

A lot of folks hope to own the very best of both worlds truly. The Chef’s Option 250 Hybrid model made it happen for users that like electric and manual functions too.

It packs two function styles to a compact sharpener with a budget price everyone can afford as the gorgeous name implies. Both straight and serrated knives will sharpen easily and quickly.

The second and initial stage will sharpen and hone the knife as usual, whereas the next stage will manually refine to give sharp, arch-shaped. The material that was grinding is coated using semi-permeable diamond abrasives to make certain the result is just a sharp and well-polished knife.

Besides, it can sharpen pocket, hunting, sports along with butcher knives, to show its proficiency.

Do note it manages 20 degrees class knives.

Compare other brands, Chef’s Choice 250 tops the list when it comes to price ratio. Do not judge it serves more than everything you can anticipate.

  • Mixed manual and electric sharpening.
  • Can be used for straight edge and serrated blades.
  • Easy to use.
  • resilient and durable made out of high-quality diamond abrasives.
  • Only sharpen knives together with 20 degrees angle.

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4. Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV 

The Chef’s Choice 1-5 Trizor XV is an electric knife sharpener. Unlike other related models, its mission is to convert any knife to a 15 degrees angle blade.

When you have European and American knives going to convert it into 15 degrees class knives, you will appreciate the Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect sharpener.

The conversion is by which it arouses a 3-step bevel grinding with 100% diamond abrasive disks rather unique. The first stage comes with the second stage and also a port is used for strengthening.

The 3rd stage features a diamond disk that is flexible for stropping or polishing the knife.

The stages that are united grind the knife into approximately 25 degrees followed closely by 2-2 and lastly 1-5 degrees.

To ensure it’ll stay eloquent and last a long time. A 15 degrees knife tends to cut than an edged knife that is 20 degrees angle. Besides, it works with blades too.

This model is constructed into a high quality using a 3-year warranty and produces accurate results every time. Within a few minutes, you can have a sharp and polished knife.

It’s among the greatest kitchen knife sharpeners from Chef’s Choice.

Although it’s a to operate, beginners can take some methods for the hang of this.

  • Sharpen straightedge and serrated knives.
  • built with adjustable springs to get constant pressure for accurate sharpening.
  • is effective in Western and Asian manner of knives.
  • Convert A20 degrees blade to a 15 degrees angle sharper knife.
  • 100% diamond abrasives.
  • Restore dull blades in minutes.
  • Flexible stropping disk in the next stage to achieve the best results.
  • Well-built and durable.
  • Not easy to use smaller knives.
  • Want some training to get good results.

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5. Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

It is simple to spot the Presto 08810 can be a measure up of this last 08800 model if you should be familiar with Presto sharpener. Yes, it’s still this time around it comes with a 3-stage instead of this previous 2-stage model and a funding sharpener. And the efficiency of this Sapphire sharpening wheels makes it a worthwhile purchase.

We’re thankful that the Presto 08810 professional electric knife sharpener is just nothing short of brilliant with the characteristic of guides switch. This feature allows a variety of blades to sharpen with different thicknesses.

In stage two correct the selector for thick, medium or lean knives setting by the blade’s thickness. The blade angle adjuster will probably maximize the clipping edge. This feature is known as’No Guess Sharpening’, only by Presto 08810.

This model may handle European knives; however, it’s a struggle to sharpen Japanese knives because of the greater bevel angle that it sheds on blades. It’s also not wise to sharpen smaller and paring knives.

The Presto 08810 may deliver a razor-sharp edge on knives while it has a few limitations. Even the stage that was honing or the stage is optimized to deliver such sharpness.

To avoid wobbling while sharpening, five suction cups at the floor, hold the unit in place, ensuring consistency result every time. And metallic filings are collect in the red receptacles underneath for effortless disposal.

While it retains the modern and sleek expression of the 08800 In general, useful features have been included by the 08810.

  • Quiet operation.
  • Works nicely on non or mid-level cutlery.
  • Sharpen Various knives using distinct depth.
  • Does not work well with thick blades.
  • Not to be used with Japanese fashion blades or fishing knives.

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How to Use an Electric Knife Sharpener

The best electric knife sharpener isn’t a big deal, and with exercise, you can learn to do it. Most electric knife sharpening machines have been built with instructions with an individual manual. You ought to, however, be careful in case you are using it for the first time and make certain that the safety precautions have been followed, so you do not end up hurting yourself or those near you.

Step 1

You should be aware of the shape and type of the blade you can put it. The higher you know one’s knife’s form, the better you could have the ability to sharpen it. Knives are better to sharpen than curved ones.

Step 2

Understand how a knife sharpener workout. Examine. All of the sharpeners work otherwise. Therefore you should know about the way yours works. If you’ve used electric knife sharpeners, it’s still advisable to read the user manual for the brand new machine.

Step 3

You can now check out start using your system.

– Prepare

Plug it in and then turn the power on. Make certain that it’s set on a flat surface.

– Sharpen

The majority of the electric knife sharpeners begin with a coarse period for dull blades, and then a nicer stage for blades which aren’t that sharp or too dull, and finally, the third stage for polishing.

– Process 

Put the knife. Let the burden of the knife sit and also have contact with the abrasives. Now draw the knife slowly and consistently.

Be sure to explain to you the heels completely into the end of this knife. You want to continue this procedure twice on both sides, which means a total of four times.

Repeat this step on both the second and next stage to hone further and enhance the knife. Turn off the power the sharpening process to stop the engine from heating up.

Step 4

Repeat the same process until you believe you have achieved the desired outcomes if you aren’t satisfied with the performance. Wash your knife with warm water and towel, once you’re satisfied.

Safety Factors

Generally, electric knife sharpeners are simple to use safe and convenient. There are certain safety hints that you must bear in mind.

Always read the consumer guide or the manual. Ensure that to know fully what the device is all about and also how to use it. Know whether before using any preparations will need to get performed, and also how to clean this up after you’re done. It is quite crucial, although Many folks simply ignore that.

That is a big mistake.

– Every model works. And even if you have been using electric knife sharpeners before, you should still read through the manual every time you purchase a new machine or a different version. It’s not surprising you can grab some hints from the consumer guide to maximizing the operation of the operation.

– Never use electric knife sharpeners with water or some other or any other compounds or place them in virtually any liquid. Make sure when you’re utilizing the gadget there is.

– Never use an electric knife sharpener which includes a damaged plug or a busted cord and does not attempt to correct it using electrical tape because it can be quite dangerous.

– Make sure you don’t use the apparatus near or around kids and make sure it is out of their reach.

– Always switch off the machine and also take the plug off if you are finished with the best electric kitchen knife sharpener.

In the event the system is intended for household purposes and cutlery, then do not use it onto other knives. Make certain there are no warm surfaces round, and also the electricity cable isn’t tangled. As long as you adhere to these steps and make certain that you’re doing exactly what the instruction manual says, then you’re able to use it safely, and it would endure for many years!


Thank you for reading this far! Hopefully, this guide will educate you on all you want to know about the best electric kitchen knife sharpener. Shopping for the most effective knife sharpener is likely to soon be a slice of cake to you As soon as you’ve finished this guide personally!   

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