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St. James GaAbout úte Proper Irish Pub opened its doors on Folly Beach in June 2015. The name itself has always been associated with the brewing trade since the Middle Ages. On December 31, 1759, the lease of a brewery was signed over to Arthur Guinness (yes, that Guinness) for 9,000 years at €45 per year! St. James’s Gate has been the Guinness Brewery ever since.

Here in Folly, we pay homage to the brewery by naming our Proper Irish Pub after the home of the Black Stuff. With a commitment to providing great food, hand-crafted cocktails, and a unique assortment of fine wine, craft beer and stout; we want to be your local Irish Pub. Designed by international designer Benjamin Kay and the Teevan Family, the pub boasts an interior of wood and stone, along with windows that open wide to allow the ocean breeze in. Our “secret” Garden is a pet-friendly oasis off Center Street. It features a wood-burning fireplace for the cooler months and a sunny European style café the rest of the year.

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