How to Clean a Sharpening Stone – A Complete Guide To Make Your Sharpening Stone Cleaner Than Ever

One of the daily repairs you could offer the sharpening stone is hygiene. You could hygiene them more conveniently and easily. 

When you recognize that the sharpening stone owns the glittering grey streaks, it is a great time for you to hygiene it. The grey streaks have collected some debris or the metals flecks from the daily knife sharpening practice. In this article, we will make you understand more about how to clean a sharpening stone

The Best Ways of Hygiene the Sharpening Stone

Put the stone onto the towel

First of all, you could pace the towel for the sharpening stone. The towel can assist you in grabbing the particles which drop from the stone throughout hygiene. It could ensure the surface to be hygienic. 

Use the honing oil

To begin the hygiene procedure, use the honing oil above the sharpening stone. Ensure to overlay the stone inch. 

Honing oil could assist in lubricating the stone or decrease friction throughout the hygiene period. The extreme friction could ruin the stone. The oil even assists in floating the alloy flecks from the stone pores or hold them from embedding. Next, rub the stone around circular and horizontal movements to apply the oil onto it. 


When you have put the oil around the stone, utilize the previous toothbrush and the scotch brite for scrubbing the stone along with the oval movements. 

Here is to eliminate the debris from the stone. You could even utilize the rag for scrubbing the stone as well. Since you could scrub the stone, you could recognize some flecks raising up from the stone’s pores. Next, clean the fleck along with the towel. 

When your stone is a bit dirty, utilize the steel wool to remove too much debris. Finally, clean the stone with lukewarm water or do the procedure again until you do. 


When you are keener on the stone or you can not keep track of debris, let’s rinse the stone with water. 

On top of it, running water is ideal for rinsing the stone since it can wash away the particles. Next, it could soap the stone so well. Utilize the kitchen sink to clean the stone. When you utilize the standing water like water into the basin or the stone could retain the particles. 


Drying is even a crucial phase throughout the hygiene procedure. Pat the rinsed stone along with the towel and hygiene the rag. We recommend that you need to ensure to dry the stone entirely to prevent mold development of unexpected smells. You could even put the stone out inside the open air to discharge the rest of the water. 

Some substituted solutions of hygiene the sharpening stone

Based on the kind of stone users own, they could need to discover various techniques of hygiene. There are three perfect techniques you could select. 

Utilize WD-40

You could utilize this oil spray in the area of honing oil. It is a common lubricant that could penetrate the severe surfaces. Moreover, it is even utilized to eliminate dust from any surfaces. 

Next, the Wd-40 is fabulous in hygiene the sharpening stones since it could take off the heavier debris as well as the grime. 

Besides, spray the lubricant onto the stone. Ensure the stone is coated along with the spray completely. Then let the rest for a while to permit it to dip or float the unexpected particles from the stone. 

When you are finished coating with the stone of WD40, let’s go with some useful phrases to clarified for hygiene the sharpening stone. 

Ensure to clean the stone very carefully because this stone could exist some unpleasant smells. Next, make the best use of WD-40 for the ventilated area as well as open air.

Make the best use of barkeepers

The barkeeper buddy is a version you could utilize for hygiene the stone. You could utilize the version in the area of honing oil. Then, utilize the damp cloth to hygiene the dust via the stone. On the other hand, you could combine the dust along with water inside the tinier bowl.

Take the most advantages of soapy water

Here is a great hygiene technique for stones that can not request strict scrubbings like diamond stones or ceramic. 

Here are double techniques to apply the soapy water to hygiene the sharpening stones. In the initial technique, pour the hot water inside the bowl, and the detergent drops into it. 

On top of it, dip the stone into the water, wait it sit for a while during scrubbing it along with the soft brush. Next, when it is hygienic by the soapy water, or pat dry the stone. Meanwhile, utilize the dishwashing detergent like dawn because the hygiene agent in the zone of oil honing through the phase guide. 

Last but not least, do with the process or the ceramic stone could be squeaky hygiene. In other words, the technique operates so effectively with some stones which are not loaded by the dirt or debris.     

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