How to Cook Brown Basmati Rice in a Rice Cooker


This strategy of cooking food wild rice creates precisely what it claims: delicious as well as cozy wild rice in a rice oven! Tasty and also quick and easy with How to Cook Brown Basmati Rice in a Rice Cooker.

I have avoided changing coming from white-colored rice to brownish for a long period. Although all of us understand that wild rice is a great deal far healthier than white-colored, I consistently considered wild rice as being one of those “healthy and balanced foods items” along with the substandard flavor. Till someday my spouse (that is so much more health and wellness aware regarding food items than I am actually) persuaded me to provide wild rice a tryout, as well as I, was happily startled!

A lot of the number of times wild rice is poorly prepared (also in bistros), leading to a bathetic structure and also surfaces that are stumbled with each other. Satisfy provide it an additional shot as well as you may reexamine if you located your point of view of brownish rice on attempting a negative variation of it.

One dining establishment that regularly obtains the wild rice right is Chipotle– it is flawlessly prepared along with the cozy appearance as well as distinct surfaces. Attempt Chipotle wild rice and also if you like it, after that you can easily prepare wild rice similarly at a residence along with your rice oven.

If you ever before attempted preparing wild rice in a rice oven, merely to wind up along with an undercooked or even bathetic clutter, adhere to the guidelines listed below for a wonderfully prepared wild rice.

Just How to Cook Brown Basmati Rice in a Rice Cooker

1) What sort of rice stove perform you possess?

The 1st inquiry to think about: what sort of rice oven perform you possess? Performs your rice stove possess a “wild rice” environment or a common “rice” or even “white-colored rice”?

If your rice stove possesses a “wild rice” environment, you remain in fortune! It is made to prepare wild rice the right way, thus all of you require to perform is utilize the rice stove guidelines for wild rice. Or even, do not lose hope– you may still prepare wild rice, only always keep observing my instructions listed below.

2) Perform you possess the assessing mug that included your rice oven?

A lot of the moment, rice ovens include their very own measuring mugs that are certainly not the same measurements as frequent mugs (they concern 2/3 to 3/4 of a mug). Why they perform it by doing this is actually past me:-RRB- I make sure lots of rice were wrecked since folks utilized the frequent measuring mug to determine rice as well as packing the water to the supplied water measures in the rice stove, causing the inappropriate proportion as well as negative sampling rice!

Rice oven possess pipes inside the dish designated along with the varieties. Those pipes show just how much water to place inside the rice oven based upon a lot of mugs of rice. If you place in 2 mugs of rice, fill up the water upward to the pipe that possesses the amount 2 on it.

The water amount pipes of the rice stove are just exact if you utilize the mug that happened along with your rice oven! Perform certainly not make use of the water amount lines to calculate the volume of water needed to have if you make use of routine gauging mug! As an alternative, make use of the wild rice to water proportion for rice stove listed below.

3) Wild rice to water proportion for rice stove

If you do not possess the gauging mug that possessed your rice oven, simply utilize the complying with proportion:

1 mug of wild rice to 2 mugs of water

4) Perform certainly not make use of lower than 1 mug of rice

Amounts lower than 1 mug of rice will not prepare effectively in a rice oven.

The most effective volume to prepare is 2 mugs of rice along with 4 mugs of water. That’s what I encourage you to begin along with if this is your 1st opportunity.

5) Incorporate sodium

Sodium creates a large distinction in the brownish rice preference, thus do not fail to remember to include it. I regularly include sodium straight to the rice stove, straight after including rice as well as water.

6) Prepare in the rice oven

Prepare the rice stove to prepare:-RRB- If you possess the “Wild rice” specifying, utilize that. If you just possess the “Rice” or even “White Rice” environment, merely make use of that– if you made use of the wild rice to water proportion over, it ought to end up merely penalty.

Ensure to certainly never open up the rice oven while the rice is actually cooking, or even it will screw up the rice! Bear with as well as stand by up until the cooking pattern is carried out.

7) Fluff along with fork after food preparation

When the rice is carried out food preparation in the rice stove, it will not resemble the cozy rice on the above photo. To get it to become cozy, you need to fluff it along with a fork! Simply receive a frequent fork as well as rouse the rice from it, splitting up the surfaces up until is appears cozy as well as delicious.

8) Incorporate extra flavorings

You can easily consume your wild rice as is actually, or even to boot the taste up a mark you may make use of additional flavorings. You can easily incorporate a bit of butter as well as a capture of lemon extract, along with a spray of your favored flavors to period the wild rice. Appreciate!


Also though our team all recognize that brownish rice is actually therefore a lot more healthy than white-colored, I consistently presumed of brownish rice as one of those “healthy and balanced meals” along with the poor preference. If your rice stove possesses a “brownish rice” setup, you are actually in fortune! It is presently made to prepare brownish rice accurately, therefore all of you need to have to perform is make use of the rice stove directions for brownish rice. As an alternative, make use of the brownish rice to water proportion for rice oven listed below.

When the rice is carried out cooking food in the rice oven, it will not appear like the cozy rice on the above photo.

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