How to Make a Cutting Board


When reducing fruit products, veggies or even various other food items, a reducing panel delivers a durable reducing area that is going to maintain you coming from wrecking your counters. How to Make a Cutting Board You may acquire a reducing panel in a furniture retail store, yet you can easily produce your personal along with a couple of items. This tutorial is actually for a butcher’s block along with varying bits of lumber, such as this one.

Gathering Your Products

1. Get 3 slow-witted slabs of timber to construct your panel.

You can easily make use of any kind of timber you desire, in any type of size, yet you need to contend minimum 1″ density. For this tutorial, you will certainly be actually making use of:

– 1 Pine panel 4 ″ x twenty ″ x 1 ″.

– 1 Walnut Panel 4 ″ x twenty ″ x 1 ″.

– 1 Cherry Panel 4 ″ x twenty ″ x 1 ″

2. Assemble your development and also safety and security materials.

This is actually an easy tutorial, however, it carries out need a reasonable volume of products to perform accurately. You need to possess:

– Hardwood adhesive.

– Security earmuffs, eye protection, and also handwear covers.

– Measuring tape.

– Pencil.

– Earmuffs.

– 2-3 collections of clamps.

3. Guarantee you possess the proper carpentry devices.

You will definitely require to become relaxed along with the observing machines and also recognize exactly how to utilize them securely.

– Periodic sander.

– The dining table observed.

– Miter observed.

– Planer.

4. Action and also reduce your panel to 1/2 approximately longer than your ultimate duration.

The ultimate size of the panel boils down to you– this tutorial will certainly be actually trying for a 12″ x 16″ panel. Regardless of your last size, leave behind an additional 1/2 or two right now– you’ll cleanse the side to your precise requirements eventually.

– Regardless of what your duration, see to it, you reduced all the panels to the very same duration.

– You can easily make use of either the miter found or even the dining table saw.

– Ensure you removed any kind of harsh side.

Forming the Panel.

1. Smudge the “size” of each bit in your reducing panel along with a pencil.

Once more, the particular size falls to you, however, 3/4″ is actually a great, convenient density. Distribute each bit of hardwood on the cherry, pine, and also walnut panels along with your pencil.

– You wish the bits to manage lengthwise along with each panel– you’ll after that alternative bits apiece kind of hardwood to create the ultimate reducing panel.

2. Utilize the dining table attended reduce each bit of lumber.

Functioning gradually, reduced along your pencil lines. You ought to wind up along with 3 collections of completely also bits of timber. They seem like upright messages.

– The lot of bits you wind up along with will definitely rely on the beginning distance of your lumber.

If you really want, – You may participate in along with or even confirm this formula– reducing various sizes to obtain a changeable striping on your last panel–.

3. Align every one of the bits of lumber, putting all of them in the trend you such as.

The simplest design is actually to alternating– cherry, walnut, pine, cherry, walnut, pine, cherry … and so on. Switch the bits to make sure that the best edge is actually fronting up, as well as position the hardwood right into a “completely dry hairstyle” of the ultimate reducing panel.

4. Revolve each bit right to ensure that the edge fronts up.

You’ll be actually utilizing lumber adhesive to attach the hardwood bits to every various other, thus transform each item over to make sure that the edge you’ll be actually gluing skins upwards.

5. Apply lumber adhesive satisfactorily to every bit of hardwood.

Utilize your hands or even a comb to use adhesive away from every bit of timber. You yearn for adhesive dealing with the whole edge. Do not stress over trickling or even excess adhesive currently– you’ll simplify eventually.

6. Push each of the hardwood equally with each other.

Revolve the timber back counter-clockwise in order that the adhesive edges are actually in between each item of lumber. Line all of them up and also push all of them with each other, seeing to it they do not move or even bend.

7. Affix clamps on either edge of the panel in order that the hardwood is actually pushed shut with each other.

This is actually needed to aid the hardwood adhesive completely dry suitably. Produce sure, as you administer the clamps, that the timber keeps amount.

8. Remove the secured collection of bits of the job area, drying out the timber adhesive to ensure that it does not follow the desk.

Elevate the reducing panel upright as well as allow it to dry out for the highly recommended opportunity on the hardwood adhesive container.

– This must take 1-3 hrs, however, examine liquor for specifics.

Polishing and also Buffing the Panel.

1. Clear away the clamps as well as utilize a sculpt to clear away sizable parts of adhesive.

When the hardwood adhesive dries out, take the clamps off. Softly carve all of them off currently if there are actually any sort of major pieces of adhesive on the panel.

2. Operate the panel with your planer.

This offers it an also, best surface area. You do not require to take a lot off– just a few millimeters. Operate each edge by means of a flawlessly hassle-free panel.

– Removing around a 1/8 on an in apiece edge is going to commonly go out any type of blemishes or even troubles.

3. Utilize your dining table observed or even miter attended to reduce your advantages to excellent measurements.

Once all the bits are actually connected it is actually quick and easy to acquire the panel to the excellent measurements. Establish your saw to your ultimate size, listed below 16″, as well as reduced completions of the panel to your ultimate duration.

4. Utilize your periodic sander to provide the panel a soft gloss.

After the planer, you should not need to have to carry out a great deal of sanding. Make use of 220 guts newspaper to ease the panel, pivot the advantages, and also apply for any sort of roughness developed due to the saw.

5. End up the panel along with some food-grade mineral oil.

Operating in tiny cycles, administer the food-grade mineral oil to the panel, making use of a dustcloth to administer a slim layer throughout the whole entire panel. Allow it dry out and also your reducing panel is actually prepared to utilize.


A reducing panel supplies a durable reducing surface area that will certainly maintain you coming from wrecking your counters when reducing fruit products, veggies or even various other meals. You may acquire a reducing panel in a residence furniture establishment, yet you may produce your personal along with a couple of items. Make use of a wet dustcloth to clean off the panel, at that point dry out it carefully. Operating in little cycles, use the food-grade mineral oil to the panel, making use of a dustcloth to administer a slim covering throughout the whole entire panel. Permit it completely dry and also your reducing panel is actually all set to make use of.

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