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There's a lot more to cooking and living outside beyond charcoal grilling, gas grilling, and smoking food. For all of the things that don't fit nicely into one of those categories, here is our catch-all category that covers everything else.  We cover other outdoor cooking tools here.

When I was growing up, our annual vacation was camping. I'll never forget the British army used this excellent grill that my father had during the Boer war. It was called a Kalahari grill. It was terrific - it was a small tin box that only required paper as fuel. The rendered fat from the steak, which is typically what he cooked on it, fueled the fire. We could have a perfectly done steak in about 8 minutes. It's so unique that I can't even find a link to it, but I remember it vividly.

So there's a ton of different tools available to us, and we will do our best to put together information and reviews on everything that we can. It is a big world out there, so be patient with us.

two guys chatting by a lake next to a weber kettle

two guys chatting by a lake next to a weber kettle

Our coverage of all other outdoor cooking tools starts here and will build over time.  There's just so much that we want to include here.  Our trusty Coleman camping stove, our outdoor turkey fryer are just the starting points.  We'll be adding in our reviews of all of the different thermometers we've tried and failed with as well as every gadget we can get our hands on.

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We are just getting started with our content rollout, so look for us on social media and on the web as we help ourselves and our followers to entertain and make some great food and drinks for friends and family.

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