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For some people cooking outside and living outside is the sign of really nice summer-like weather.  For some people, like me, outdoor cooking and living is an all year lifestyle.  For me, nothing tastes like food that's cooked on a grill or in a smoker.  The nice weather is best for hanging out with friends and family, but with the right equipment, you can enjoy food made outside - all year.

photo of meats and vegetables being grilled outside over charcoal

Outdoor cooking and  living: Meats and vegetables being grilled outside over charcoal

What is Outdoor Cooking

There's a lot of groups on Facebook, Instagram brands and eCommerce sites that are focused on specific types of food and cooking methods.  I don't feel that any one way is better than another.  We love food cooked on a gas grill, a charcoal grill or cooked inside a smoker.  Everything has its place and everything has its purpose and most importantly, some cooking tools are better for doing some things than others.  

That is what we are focusing on -- helping you find the best cooking tools and gear so that you can cook and enjoy the foods that are important to you.  Since we love it all and do it all, we aim to help you out.

What Do We Cover?

We don't discriminate between cooking methods -- whatever works best for you and what you want to cook is right.

Grilling with charcoal is where a lot of us started out when we were younger in the 60s and 70s.  Even when we thought A barbecue meant hamburgers and hotdogs over charcoal.  See All About Charcoal Grilling

The ultimate in outdoor barbecue.  To many, if there's no smoke and no smoke flavor, then it's just not barbecue and you might as well not even bother.  We love our smoker and everything we do with it.

To many purists, gas grills just don't cut it.  To be honest, my gas grill is indispensable when it comes to meal preparation during the hot months and even all year around.  We really couldn't and don't want to live without our gas grills 

There's a lot more to cooking outside than just grills and smokers.  We've got outdoor air-fryers, oil fryers, camping stoves, tailgate grills and the most recent wave to hit, the griddle top cooker.  We also cover accessories and must-have tools here.

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