What Is A Convection Microwave? – How Does A Convection Microwave Oven Work?

Convection microwaves initially launched back in the 1970s. When you are browsing for the state of the art kitchen equipment, you may have noticed that many of today’s microwaves have been combined with convection oven technology.  This allows you to not only heat food in the microwave, but the convection technology also allows you to roast or bake foods as well. Some questions are raised like “What is a convection microwave?”, “Can the convection technology improve my cooking?  This is what we will try to guide you through.

The Definition Of Convection Microwave

Quite simply, a convection microwave is two kitchen appliances combined into one unit.  The convection microwave combines a standard microwave oven with an option that allows you to roast or bake foods.  Baking or roasting in a microwave is not realistic, but the addition of the convection settings makes this possible.  With the assistance of their flexibility and compact size, the convection microwaves could be a great option for tiny kitchens related to RVs. 

How Can Convection Oven Integrated?

The addition of the convection system completely changes the microwave oven.  The convection part of the oven adds in a heating element and a fan to disperse the heat evenly throughout the oven.  The addition of these elements into this oven creates an entirely new set of options for the standard microwave.  The standard microwave essentially allows you to heat things previously cooked or only need to be heated to cook them.  The convection oven allows you to, for example, roast a chicken and have the skin come out crispy.  If you tried this in a standard microwave, you’d end up with what amounts to a warm rubber chicken.

What Are The Advantages Of The Convection Microwave?

The advantages of a microwave oven are quite simple:

  • Quicker cooking times because of the mixture of microwave cooking.
  • Several options for cooking, not just heating food. 
  • Many come with multiple racks so that you can prepare multiple dishes simultaneously. 

Adding the convection option to your microwave can reduce the amount of space used in your kitchen by combining two handy appliances into one.  

The Great Ways Of Using The Convection Microwave

You really can’t compare features of a microwave vs. a convection oven, largely because they’re completely different.  The best way to look at the combination would be to understand the different things that you can now do since you’ve really added a new appliance to your kitchen.  First, anything that you can do in a microwave, you can also do in a convection oven.

  • A convection oven is more energy-efficient compared to a microwave oven.
  • The microwave oven heats food from the inside, while convection ovens heat from the outside as a conventional oven would.
  • The convection oven allows you to be brown and crisp up foods, which you cannot do in a microwave.
  • You can use metal pots and even aluminum foil in a convection microwave using the convection settings.  Never use metal or foil in a microwave oven.

Why should you consider a convection microwave?

One of the main reasons you should consider combined convection and microwave oven is to save space.  If your oven does not also function as a convection oven, combining the two into a convection microwave will achieve the same end.  The combination will allow you to conserve room should you have limited space.

Differences between types of ovens

Microwave: The microwave heats atoms or water inside the food using the microwave’s radiation. It can heat food efficiently.

Oven: Fueled from gas or electricity.  The oven heats from the outside of the food. 

Convection oven: The oven uses a fan to spread heated air evenly through the oven.  This oven cooks similarly to a standard oven, but the fan allows it to cook much faster than a conventional oven.

Convection microwave: Combines the features of a microwave oven and a convection oven into one compact unit. 

The convection oven on its own is a great addition to a kitchen.  If you don’t have room for a third oven, you should look to combine appliances wherever possible.  Many standard ovens today contain convection features.  If you do not have these features built into your oven, a great way to add this would be to combine it with your microwave oven, as that is one of the least expensive kitchen appliances and more easily replaced than the oven.

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