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Welcome to my kitchen blog! It’s so nice to have you all here, share with me the same atmosphere of a cozy kitchen.

My name is Heston – The owner of St.J.G Kitchen Blog. St.J.G was named after a popular Irish Pub in the past but now, it’s a place for “kitchen-holic” to share knowledge and experience around our lovely kitchen.

Since you are on this page, it’s just a beginning of our journey. Click search on the search bar for anything you need or pick one of our latest posts below to enjoy the content. I hope the content is helpful and exciting enough for you dear visitors!


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Cooking Tips & How-to's

If there is any category to be mentioned first on St.J.G Kitchen Blog, that will definitely be “How-to’s”. In this category, I and my team take it really seriously because the quality of content in this section is the quality of the St.J.G Kitchen blog. We founded this blog in the first place to bring useful pieces of content to the audience and in this category, the St.J.G will try the best not to fail that expectation.

Outdoor Cooking Reviews

Outdoor Cooking Reviews

To master the art of the outdoor kitchen, knowing the skills, tips, and experiences is not enough. You need the right gear to prepare food the way you want it for your friends and family. This “Outdoor Cooking” category is here to help you do this.

We’ve recently expanded our outdoor cooking area to include what we are calling our Grill Pavilion. We’ll be featuring our gas and charcoal grills as well as our stick burning smoker.

Featured Category

Kitchen Equipment Review

In order to master the art of the kitchen, knowing the skills, tips, and experiences is not enough. You need the right gear, which fits your need as much as it can and this category is here to help you do this. We hope to bring detailed, well-research content on many kitchen products through many types of articles (product review, top list, best choices for …). We hope that the content can help you find your need quickly & precisely as it’s supposed to be.

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