Best Garbage Disposal Cleaners in 2021

Has your garbage disposal unit lost its efficiency over the years? To restore its function quickly, buy one of the best garbage disposal cleaners available in your local store. They loosen grime and gunk and ultimately flush them from the system, restoring their value. They also have anti-microbial ingredients and a soothing scent that will breathe new life into your kitchen after use. Before you go out and spend a lot of money on a new unit, try this remedy. Most brands are easy to use. You simply flush them down the drain with water.

We have come up with this article to make shopping for a garbage disposal cleaner easier for you. While we do not test all items featured on our list, we provide detailed reviews that will help you to make an informed decision. We have covered the benefits of buying garbage disposal cleaners. We have also shared a detailed buying guide and identified the best product in the market today.

Are you in a hurry?

Does your garbage disposal stink, or do you have a jammed unit? For a few dollars, you can flush its system and restore its functionality without replacing hardware. Here are the best products to use.

Best Overall

Glisten Disposer Care Foaming Drain/Pipe Cleaner

Prevention is always better than cure. If you use a garbage disposal unit and want to retain its functionality for long, consider cleaning it at least once every week. The Glisten Disposer Care cleaner can help you do a good job due to its powerful foaming formula. It penetrated deep into pipes and garbage cleaners, scrubbing away the toughest grunge and flushing them down your sewer. You get four-packs, each with 100% safe and natural ingredients. The biodegradable cleaner has a soothing smell that lingers in the air for a while.

High-End Pick

Rejuvenate Garbage Disposal and Drain Pipe Cleaner

Rejuvenate is a drain and garbage disposal cleaner that cleans grunge and leaves your home smelling fresh. Like most brands on this list, the product is easy to use. Pour the recommended amount in your plumbing, leave it a while to dislodge grime, then flush it down the drain. The powerful foaming action it generates not only unclogs garbage disposal units but also drain pipes, to name a few. Each box has six cleaners, neatly packed and ready to use.

Budget Pick

Plink Garbage Disposal Cleaner, Freshener

Plink is a versatile garbage disposal cleaner that you can also use to refresh your kitchen and neutralize foul odors. It has a fresh lemon scent and a natural formula that cleans without adding harsh chemicals to your plumbing or septic system. It does not contain bleach or phosphates, for instance, making it 100% safe for the environment. Plink works in just 15 seconds. Used consistently, it also prevents future build-up.

Benefits of Garbage Disposal Cleaners

Garbage disposal units are a nice feature in homes as they prevent food scraps or oil from choking pipes and ruining plumbing. However, prolonged exposure to grease and grime can lower their efficiency and ultimately ruin them if you do not properly maintain them. Regular maintenance is easy though using one of these disposal cleaners in most stores or on line.

Cost-Saving: Disposal units are not cheap. A replacement unit can cost several hundred dollars. A disposal unit cleaner, used periodically will save you money in the long run. They are effective and not only restore your disposal unit but plumbing and septic systems as well. Before buying one, you should check your septic system to see if you should.

Neutralizes Smell: the food particles trapped in disposal units can rot, which releases an odor into your kitchen. Thus, if you have an open-floor plan, more than just your kitchen will stink. Garbage disposal cleaners work quickly to flush out grime and leave a soothing smell in your home.

Eco-Friendly: Check the products closely to make sure that the one you choose is eco-friendly. Many garbage disposal cleaners use natural ingredients, but many do not. Premium brands typically do not contain additives such as bleach, which can damage the environment. Biodegradable models are the most ideal will cost more.

Buying Guide for the Best Garbage Disposal Cleaner

Garbage disposal cleaners will keep your garbage disposal units working efficiently for years. If you need one but struggle to choose between tens of available brands, this section is for you. Here are some pointers for you.

Ingredients: Garbage disposal units are typically found in the kitchen where people prepare meals. Anything you use there should be safe to avoid poisoning anyone. Before using these products, check its ingredients. What does it contain? Are they 100% safe for humans and/or animals? For the best results, buy a garbage disposal cleaner with natural ingredients. Biodegradable brands are typically safer.

Performance: While shopping for a garbage disposal cleaner, obviously look for a brand that works. Spending money that will fail to deliver good results or make your issues worse is not what you want to do. Read the reviews for yourself. What are people saying about the quality and performance of your preferred product? If many people like it, you might like it too.

Ease of Use: You should be able to find a strong product that you can dump down the drain.

Top 5 Best Garbage Disposal Cleaners

If you have a garbage disposal unit at home, you should use a cleaner periodically. If you have a blockage many cleaners will help to clear up small blockages and keep the unit from smelling badly.

1. Glisten Disposer Care Foaming Drain/Pipe Cleaner


  • Pre-measured drop packets
  • Neutralizes bad odor
  • Safe for the environment
  • Works in sinks
  • Okay with many septic systems
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Scientifically tested

Glisten is not your regular garbage disposal cleaner. It can unclog drainpipes and boost the efficacy of septic systems as well, making it an invaluable resource for homes. The cleanser comes in a 19-ounce package with pre-measured drop-in packets that come ready to use. Flush your system with water, drop a package, and let it do its job. The formula will expand into a powerful foam that scrubs grime from your system. It also neutralizes the build-up of foul odors, keeping your kitchen and home in general smelling fresh.

Glisten is a safe disposer cleaner made from 100% natural ingredients. Used frequently; therefore, you will not worry about adding harsh chemicals such as bleach. Whatever you add to the environment biodegrades over time without destabilizing the ecological balance of the soil, et cetera. The product has undergone many scientific tests and therefore is reliable. It is easy to use and comes cheap.


  • The pre-packaged drop-in packets are affordable and very easy to use.
  • It contains natural ingredients that do not harm the soil or the environment.
  • A dependable USA-made product that has passed scientific tests.


  • It might take a few tries to get long lasting great results.

Our Verdict:

Some people question the efficacy of Glisten, the majority of reviewers do not. It works great on sinks and garbage disposal units. The ingredients are natural and safe. If you have a smelly drain or a disposal unit that no longer works as well as it did, this can help. It is easy to use.

2. Rejuvenate Garbage Disposal and Drain Pipe Cleaner


  • Natural ingredients
  • Cleans pipes and garbage disposals
  • Pre-packaged pods
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful forming action
  • Biodegradable formula
  • Soothing lemon scent

Rejuvenate will do more than clean your garbage disposal unit. If you have a septic tank that has lost its a little something, this product may help. It can also unclog and sterilize a smelly sink without putting your health or that of your kids at risk. The powerful foaming action that the cleaning formula generates has made it a top pick for professionals and hobbyists. It loosens and scrapes dirt and grime from pipes and disposal units, leaving them working efficiently for a long time. For the best results, you should use this weekly.

Rejuvenate has a soothing lemon scent that will leave your garbage disposal unit smelling great. Moreover, because it come as pre-measured pods, it’s simple to use this product. Flush it down the drain with a little water and let it do the work for you. Ingredients are natural and therefore safe. The cost is not prohibitive.


  • The pre-packaged pods of the Rejuvenate cleaner are effective and easy to use.
  • It has a soothing lemon scent that will leave your kitchen smelling great.
  • It generates a powerful foaming action that clears pipes and garbage disposal units.


  • The fragrance does not linger around for long, which is a let-down for some users.

Our Verdict:

Rejuvenate is an effective and sweet-smelling pipe and garbage disposal cleaner with a soothing fragrance. It is affordable, easy to use, and contains natural ingredients that will not irritate you or the environment. You get pre-packed pods (ready to use) in an affordable package that lasts long.

3. Plink PLM40N Garbage Disposal Cleaner, Freshener, and Odor Removing Balls


  • Package of 40 balls
  • Soothing scent
  • Fast-acting formula
  • Works in 15 seconds
  • Clears clogged drains
  • Lacks toxic chemicals
  • Cleans septic tanks and piped

Plink PLM40N is an all-in-one garbage disposal cleaner that comes as a package of 40 balls. The balls come ready to use. They also have a pleasant scent and a fast-acting formula that neutralizes foul odors and freshens your kitchen too. Add one ball to plumbing and leave it for 15 seconds to work. You do not scrub or use additives for it to clean well.

While producing this product, plink had your safety and the safe of the environment in mind. For instance, during the production process of the cleaner, the company does not use bleach, phosphates, or any other toxic chemical. Thus, the product is effective and 100% safe for handling other cleaning jobs at home. You can use it to clean and boost the efficacy of septic systems on demand. If you struggle with clogged sink drains or pipes occasionally, it is also one of the best remedies that you can find on the Web.


  • This product not only cleans garbage disposals but also pipes and septic tanks.
  • The natural ingredients are safe for humans and the environment.
  • You will love the soothing scent of these garbage disposal cleaner balls (40).


  • The balls are delicate and can arrive scattered or broken if shipped poorly.

Our Verdict:

These simple-looking balls do an excellent job in garbage disposal units, pipes, and septic tanks. They have a quick-acting formula made from natural ingredients. They are also safe for the environment and have a soothing lemon scent that you will love. Each package has 40 balls. If you use one every week, this product will serve you well for close to 10 months which is good for its price. Do not hesitate to order.

4. Bioda Garbage Disposal Foaming Cleaner & Freshener


  • Enzymatic formula
  • Pre weighed porches
  • Fast and long lasting clean
  • Safe for environment
  • Works in sinks too
  • Professional strength formula
  • Consistent cleaning

Bioda is an efficient foaming cleaner that will leave your disposal unit working great and the kitchen smelling fresh. It comes as a pack of eight professional strength cleaners, each able to loosen and clear debris and sludge naturally. If you have a rotten odor in your kitchen, you can also use it to conceal and ultimately neutralize it without spending a lot of cash. Apart from garbage disposers, you can use this product in sinks and septic tanks as well, with good results.

The enzymatic formula of a Bioda garbage disposal cleaner will clean your system continuously for days. Therefore, unlike brands that deliver good results today and fail the next day, expect consistent results for long. You get pre-packaged water-soluble pouches, each weighing 8 ounces. To clean your disposal unit, pop one in, turn on the system, and let the garbage disposer run for two minutes for an instant clean.


  • The enzymatic formula delivers quick and long-lasting results in most disposal units.
  • You get pre-packaged pouches that are easy to use in most settings.
  • Safe for the environment as it lacks harsh chemicals.


  • The scent is not very refreshing for some people.

Our Verdict:

The quality and functionality of the Bioda garbage disposal cleaner is amazing. Its enzymatic formula has a professional-grade blend of ingredients that provides quick and long-lasting results. It is easy to use and ideal for cleaning sinks and septic tanks as well due to its efficacy. If you have tried to clean your system a few times with poor results, try this brand. It is cheap, easy to use, and safe for the environment.

5. Grab Green Natural Garbage Disposal Cleaner


  • Natural ingredients
  • Very easy to use
  • Lacks caustic ingredients
  • 12 ready-to-use pods
  • USA-made product
  • Sustainably sourced ingredients
  • 100% cruelty-free

Grab Green is an all-natural garbage disposal cleaner that contains fig leaves and thyme extracts. The 12 pods in the package also contain mineral-based ingredients and essential oils that work together to deliver the best results at home. If you have a clogged or inefficient garbage disposal unit, the product can boost its efficacy naturally without harming the environment. It also provides one of the most straightforward disposal solutions as the system is specific to use. All you do is empty the ingredient in your kitchen sink to loosen grime and clogs or neutralize foul odors naturally. The product does not use caustic ingredients or chemicals and is thus safe.

Proudly made in the USA, Grab Green is one of the best products you will encounter in this niche. The factory uses only sustainably sourced ingredients, which is ideal. Moreover, before reaching your shelf, the factory does not test this product on animals, making it 100% cruelty-free. Use it at home with confidence that it will deliver the best experience in your kitchen. You can also use it around pets, the elderly, and your kids without worrying about safety.


  • Its natural and sustainably sourced ingredients are safe for the environment.
  • Unclogs cleans and refreshes garbage disposers and plumbing.
  • This USA-made product is very easy to use.


  • Does not neutralize smells as quickly as some other brands do.

Our Verdict:

Grab Green is a safe and versatile product that offers value for money in homes. It can unclog drains and garbage disposal units in minutes without harming the environment.

Final Thoughts

These cleaners can help you to maintain a functional garbage disposal system at home without spending a lot of money. They are effective, easy to use, and safe for the environment. Most brands can also clean pipes and septic tanks as well.

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