Best Microwave Popcorns You can Find on the Market

Microwave popcorn is a delicious snack that most of us enjoy during movie nights and date nights. It is easy to prepare. Unlike traditional popcorns that require popcorn makers to cook, these come ready to cook. Pop a pack or two into your microwave, set temperature and time, and serve popcorn in a few minutes. Microwave popcorns also come in many flavors, including, including movie theatre butter and sea salt, and are generally healthy. The whole popcorn grains used to produce are rich in fiber. They are also low on hydrogenated oils and trans-fats and lack additives such as artificial colors or preservatives.

The market is awash with many fake products, including foods such as popcorn. Therefore, while selecting a brand for yourself and your family, pay attention to the quality on offer. You should also check the reputation of the brand and order something that will not affect you in the long term. We can help you with this. This article highlights the benefits of microwave popcorn, features to look out for, and the best brands this year.

Are you in a Hurry?

You do not have to read through this article to identify the top-rated brands that will make your life fun. We have a snapshot of a few best-sellers that will make your days/nights special. Read on to learn more.

Best Overall

Pop Secret Popcorn

Microwavable movie theatre butter popcorn is one of the most popular snacks to date because of its taste and filling nature. Brands such as Pop Secret offer the best experience as the quality of ingredients is the best. The corn is non-GMO, Kosher certified and lacks additives such as colors/flavors. It also comes in a large jumbo package with 30 sealed bags that you can cook at home in minutes in any microwave. The product will make your movie nights or date nights enjoyable.

High-End Pick

Orville Redenbacher’s SmartPop

With the Orville Redenbacher’s SmartPop, expect 1.16 ounces of delicious popcorn packaged as 12 mini servings. The popcorn is ready to cook. The butter is tasty, while its lack of trans fats (0 grams per serving) and low carb compositions make it an ideal choice for weight watchers. You do not have to worry about artificial colors or additives such as preservatives in this product. The company uses all-natural ingredients, most of them sustainably sourced from the United States.

Budget Pick

Orville Redenbacher’s Movie Theatre Butter Popping Corn

Orville Redenbacher’s Movie Theatre Butter Popping Corn comes in a large bag of pure goodness. The butter-coated popcorns are very delicious. They also come packages in small pre-measured packages that prevent you from overeating while watching movies. This product is very easy to prepare. You pick a bag, pop it in a microwave, and serve in minutes. It is safe for adults and kids and has an authentic taste without additives such as preservatives or artificial colors.

Benefits of Microwave Popcorns

Microwave popcorns offer a plethora of benefits, key among them being convenience, taste, and nutrition. We have reviewed the three in detail to help you understand whether the product is for you.

Easy to Prepare: You do not need pots or a popcorn maker to prepare delicious popcorn at home. The best microwave popcorns have pre-measured portions that come ready to use off the shelf. You pick a bag, pop it in a microwave, set the time, and wait for tasty popcorn.

Unique Taste: In the past, store-bought popcorn consisted of corn oil and salt, which was tasty but not great. Microwave popcorns are better. Additives such as butter uplift their taste to the next level. Other brands have clean-tasting sea salt instead of colors or artificial flavors.

Healthier Alternative: Microwave popcorns are healthier alternatives to traditional popcorn for many reasons. First, the whole grains used to make them are easier to digest as they are rich in fiber. They lack additives such as color and artificial flavors and generally have a lower concentration of oils and trans-fats. If you are conscious about your weight or are currently on a diet, this is the product for you.

Microwave Popcorns – What to Look For

Ingredients: The ingredients of your product of choice depict the type of experience you will have with popcorn. Avoid brands laden with additives such as preservatives and colors as they often do worse than good. They are harder to digest and often upset the stomach if consumed in large amounts. Additives such as sugar, on the other hand, can affect weight loss routines negatively, so avoid them like the plague. Popcorn will natural ingredients and no such additives are the best.

Capacity: Microwave popcorns come in different sizes suitable for different people. If you have a large family, for instance, a larger pack might satisfy the needs of your family. They are also cheaper in the end but require significantly more storage space in your home.

Brand: Food is a delicate commodity. To avoid poisoning and other ills associated with eating bad food, only buy from a good brand. Check the portfolio of the available brands. What are their bestselling products? Do they have a good reputation in the market? When you are dealing with a good brand, you can buy with confidence that you have the best.

Convenience: Look for a product that will not take you a lot of time and/or effort to prepare at home. Pre-packaged brands that fit in most microwaves are the most convenient as they are easy to cook. Do not sacrifice quality, though. It should be your major priority.

Top 5 Best Microwave Popcorns in the Market this Year

Microwave popcorns are diverse in reputable online and offline stores. To help you to find the best, we have reviewed five of the best brands with a popular reputation online. Check their features and buy the best.

1. Pop Secret Popcorn, Movie Theater Butter


  • Delicious butter flavor.
  • Jumbo pack size.
  • Non-GMO.
  • Kosher certified.
  • 30 sealed bags.
  • Easy to prepare.
  • Whole grain popcorns.

While some people question the safety of microwave popcorn, the fact that they are delicious is uncontested. With Pop Secret, for instance, you get a jumbo-sized pack of movie theatre butter popcorn that comes ready to cook. Add it to a bowl, pop it in a microwave, and cook and directed to have a delicious snack for an upcoming movie night. It has a tasty flavor that your kids and other family members will enjoy. It also takes a short time to prepare, which people love.

The quality on offer is amazing for many reasons. First, you get whole grain popcorns that are rich in carbohydrates and fiber. The corn is non-GMO, packaged in the USA, and comes Kosher certified. As such, most people, including children, can enjoy this treat worry-free. You get 30 sealed bags (3 ounces each) in each Pop Secret box.


  • The Kosher certified and non-GMO grains used to make the popcorn is safe for most people.
  • The popcorn is easy to prepare at the comfort of your home or office.
  • Has a delicious movie theater butter flavor that will leave you wanting more.


  • Somewhat messy packaging as the movie theatre butter tends to leak everywhere in the box.

Our Verdict:

Pop Secret Popcorn comes in individually packed and sealed portions that come ready to cook. Pop one or two in a bowl and pop it in a microwave to cook. It has a delicious butter flavor and is generally safe, as corn is non-GMO, Kosher certified, and packed in the US.

2. Orville Redenbacher’s SmartPop! Kettle Corn Popcorn


  • 1.16-ounce box.
  • 12 mini servings.
  • Ready-to-cook butter popcorn.
  • Does not contain trans fats.
  • Contains only 6% fat.
  • Gluten-free.
  • Sustainably sourced in USA.
  • Easy to prepare.

Orville Redenbacher has ranked among the best brands of microwave popcorn for many years now. The butter SmartPop, for instance, is a favorite of movie lovers and people who snack on popcorns at work or during road trips. It comes in a 1.16-ounce box with 12 mini servings of ready-to-cook butter popcorn. All you need is a microwave-safe bowl and a microwave to prepare delicious snacks on demand. While butter is a major component, the popcorn is somewhat healthy. It does not contain trans fats (0 grams per serving), making it good for the heart. Moreover, because it contains only 6% fat, it is a perfect snack for people who are watching their weight. You will love this product.

The Orville Redenbacher’s SmartPop lacks harsh additives that might compromise the taste or quality of the popcorn you serve at home. It lacks artificial flavors and dyes that competitors use to add value to their products. It is also gluten-free and sustainably sourced from hand-selected farmers in the USA. You are getting value for your cash here.


  • This somewhat healthy popcorn lacks trans fats and fillers such as dyes and artificial flavors.
  • The single-serve bags are not only easy to use but also less prone to contamination.
  • You are getting affordable and delicious microwave popcorn for the whole family.


  • The prices of this butter popcorn fluctuate unpredictably, which can be frustrating to regular buyers.

Our Verdict:

Orville Redenbacher’s SmartPop! is one of the healthiest popcorns you will come across in stores. It comes in a 1.16-ounce box packed with single servings of 94% fat-free popcorn kernels with butter. As such, it is perfect for weight loss. It is also one of the best brands for people who cannot tolerate the artificial flavors found in some similar products. Orville Redenbacher’s SmartPop! is easy to prepare in a kettle. You can also cook it in a microwave without burning it or affecting its flavor.

3. Orville Redenbacher’s Movie Theatre Butter Popping Corn Classic Bags


  • Butter-flavored popcorns.
  • Large bag (3.29 ounces).
  • Smaller classic bags.
  • Lack artificial flavors.
  • Lack preservatives.
  • Sealed microwave bags.
  • Safe for kids and adults.

Everybody loves having a bowl or two of popcorn while watching a movie or chilling with friends. If you are one of them, you will love Orville Redenbacher’s Movie Theatre Butter for these reasons. These popping, butter-flavored popcorns come in a large bag (3.29 ounces) that can satisfy most people. It also has smaller classic bags with small portions of popcorns that take minutes to prepare. Unlike standard popcorn that needs a popcorn machine to prepare, you can pop these in a pot or microwave without burning or affecting their flavor.

This product contains real butter. It is also one of the few brands that lack artificial flavors and preservatives, which makes it safe for most people. Kids and adults can eat it during movie nights without long-term health issues. It will also add a pop of fun to your social events without affecting your weight loss routine. It is a good cheat meal.


  • Does not contain preservatives and other harsh additives found in some brands.
  • The popcorn is tasty (butter flavored) and very easy to prepare at home or on a camping site.
  • Comes in a large package (3.29 ounces) with smaller classic bags containing the popcorn.


  • The popcorn is not as buttery as advertised, which is a deal-breaker for some people.

Our Verdict:

While Orville Redenbacher’s Movie Theatre Butter is not as butter as other brands on this list, the taste is great. Its preparation is easy, while its quality is admirable as it lacks preservatives and artificial flavors. As such, you will appreciate having a bag or two during your movie night. Orville takes minutes to cook in a microwave. Some people have also reported good results using kettles or cooking pots.

4. SkinnyPop Microwave Sea Salt Popcorn Bags, Healthy Snacks


  • 2.8-ounce package.
  • Salted popcorn bags (36).
  • Non-GMO.
  • Gluten-free.
  • Lacks additives.
  • 25 calories per cup.
  • Great-tasting product.
  • Good for weight loss.

SkinnyPop is a 2.8-ounce package of salted popcorn bags (36) that you can microwave without issues. You do not need pots or glass bowls to cook this product – only the bag and a microwave. In terms of safety, you are also getting one of the best in this niche. The popcorn is non-GMO, gluten-free, and does not contain additives such as color or flavors. This great-tasting product is one of the best.

The SkinnyPop snack is a good alternative to other bestselling brands of popcorns as it is affordable. You do not have to cough an arm and a leg to get premium popcorn for your movie nights, which is ideal. It also makes a suitable travel and camping snack and offers only 25 calories per cup. If you are conscious weight but enjoy popcorn, check out this product. It will not mess up or derail your weight loss routine.


  • A great-tasting and gluten-free popcorn that provides only 25 calories per cup.
  • The popcorn comes in ready to cook microwavable bags in a 2.8-ounce package
  • Suitable for “weight watchers” and people who are looking to lower calorie intake.


  • The individual bags in the package tend to leak oil and thus create a mess in kitchens

Our Verdict:

SkinnyPop Microwave Sea Salt Popcorn Bags are among the best popcorns on many fronts. If you need a delicious snack that you can prepare in minutes, this is a top choice. The popcorns come in microwavable bags, which eliminate the need for bowls. They also have a delicious butter flavor and are relatively safe as they lack additives such as colors and preservatives, to name a few. You get only 25 calories per cup of popcorn, making it suitable for weight loss.

5. Newman’s Own Microwave Popcorn, Sea Salt


  • Whole grain popcorn.
  • Rich in fiber.
  • Fortified with sea salt.
  • Lacks artificial colors.
  • Lacks artificial flavors.
  • Lacks hydrogenated oils.
  • Rich source of fiber.
  • Easy to prepare.

Salted popcorn is popular worldwide because of its amazing taste and its longevity. It is also cheaper and much healthier than the heavily buttered brands that have recently flooded the market. Newman’s Own Microwave Popcorn meets this threshold. Fortified with sea salt, you are getting a delicious treat that your family will love during meal times. They are also easy to prepare at home. Pop a bag or two in a microwave and serve with your favorite drink to satisfy your cravings.

Newman’s Own contains whole grain popcorn, which is a rich source of fiber. As such, digesting it is easier than cheaper, refined popcorn. It also lacks artificial colors, artificial flavors, hydrogenated oils, and trans fats, which makes it a safe day-to-day snack for people of all cadres. Kids, adults, and the elderly love the snack because of its high quality.


  • Delicious microwave popcorn that is low in hydrogenated oils, trans fats, and artificial additives.
  • Comes in microwaveable bags that save you a lot of effort and time during meal preparation.
  • A cheaper and healthier popcorn alternative for people who are conscious about their health.


  • You might hate that this salted microwave popcorn has many hulls that do not pop/cook.

Our Verdict:

Newman’s Own is low in hydrogenated oils and trans fats, making it safe for most people. Its salted formula is delicious. It is also easy to prepare (microwavable) and lacks additives such as flavors and color. As such, during date nights, you can spend more of your time watching movies instead of cooking snacks. Moreover, you do not have to worry about digestive issues related to eating popcorns.

Final Thoughts

Microwave popcorns are delicious, safe, and easy to prepare at home in a microwave. They come in multiple delicious flavors/textures and are generally better for weight loss enthusiasts as they are low in fats. They also lack harsh additives and will make your nights and day fun.

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