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Consider adding a slow cooker to your kitchen arsenal to cook tender and delicious stewed meat at home. While they take longer to cook, the quality that they deliver is amazing. The food is tender and tasty. They also retain the nutritional value of food, unlike food fryers. If you are conscious about your health and do not mind waiting for hours for food to cook, do not hesitate to buy one now. They come in multiple sizes for people with small and large homes. They are also easy to use as most have efficient digital systems.

Which are the best slow cookers for cooking at home? We have reviewed several durable digitized models for preparing delicious food at home. They are easy to set up and made of quality materials that can withstand abuse for years. They are also the safest for beginners and pros.

Are you in a hurry?

If you do not have time to read through the article to the end, we have you covered. Here is a snapshot of the best, high-end, and budget brands worth buying.

Best Overall

Hamilton Beach Portable 6-Quart Digital Slow Cooker

This oval 290-watt slow cooker from Hamilton Beach has helped thousands of people to prepare delicious meals at home. It has a stunning look and a portable design that works well indoors and on the road. It also has a secure lidded design with a temperature probe and multiple cooking functions for different foods. Apart from poaching, braising, and simmering vegetables, beef, or pork, you can use it to prepare fondue and yogurt as well. The cooker has a spacious design that cooks up to 4 pounds of roast and 6-pounds of chicken. You will enjoy having one at home.

High-End Pick

Cuisinart MSC-600 3-In-1 Cook Central

Cuisinart MSC-600 has a programmable three-in-one design that works as a multi-cooker and slow cooker. It has a large pot (6 quarts) and a versatile oblong design that can steam, saute, and brown most foods, including meats. As such, if you hate using pans and pots while cooking for your kids or friends, this is a better alternative. Its shell and parts are stainless steel, durable, food-grade, and easy to clean after use. It also has a transparent lid that stops leaks and responsive touch controls that are easy to use.

Budget Pick

Chefman XL 5 Qt. Slow Cooker

In the past, only people with deep pockets enjoyed the convenience of owning a slow cooker at home. Chefman has changed this narrative. It is home to several budget kitchen items, with this 5-quart slow cooker ranked among the best this year. It has a stylish black theme with a transparent glass lid (tempered) for checking cooking progress. It also has ab all-natural design (glaze/chemical-free) with a dishwasher-safe crockpot that retains natural flavors. The electrical system has a safe cETL approved design, while the 1-year warranty offered attests to its high quality. You will love its quality.

Benefits of Slow Cookers

Slow cookers play an integral role in homes because of the array of benefits they offer. If you are planning to order one, here are a few key ones to expect.

Easy to Use: Cooking with pans and pots on open flames requires a bit of skill as they are prone to flaring. This is never the case with a slow cooker. Their portable all-in-one designs have programmed electrical systems that are easy to use. Once plugged in an electrical outlet, you press a button to activate the system on and off. Then, press a button to select your preferred cooking method and another to set the time. Your slow cooker of choice does the rest for you.

Versatile: The versatility of slow cookers has made them a top choice for people who enjoy cooking fresh meals at home. They can simmer, boil, steam, and brown meats and vegetables. If you enjoy fondue or want to prepare fresh yogurt at home, you will benefit from a new one as well. Choose the best one.

Safe: The safety of slow cookers is on another level. You do not have to worry about flare-ups as their systems are primarily electric. Their electric systems meet the recommended safety standards, while the materials used to manufacture them are food-grade. They do not contain BPA and other harsh elements such as lead. They are also glaze-free, which is a plus.

About the Best Slow Cookers – What to Look For

Capacity: Slow cookers come in different shapes and sizes. Larger models are ideal for people with a large family. On the other hand, small models are light and therefore suitable for people who love cooking on the road. Look for a product that will satisfy your needs.

Power: Cooking with a slow cooker is effortless as most systems come pre-programmed and ready to use. However, before spending your cash on one, check its power and make sure it is optimal. How many watts does it churn out while in use? Anything with an electric element with a 250-watt system or more will never let your down.

Ease of Use: You need a product that does not require skill or effort to use. Plug and use slow cookers are ideal as they come ready to use. You plug it into a compatible electric outlet, and it will be prepared to use. It should also have pre-programmed controls for cooking different foods. As such, instead of checking time or heat manually, the system handles the entire cooking process for you. Finally, models with transparent lids are ideal as you can check progress.

Top 5 Best Slow Cookers in the Marker this Year

If you need a new slow cooker for day-to-day use at home, you have come to the right place. We have a selection of some of the best slow cookers for homes.

1. Hamilton Beach Portable 6-Quart Digital Programmable Slow Cooker


  • Programmable slow cooker
  • 100% stainless steel
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Spacious pot (6 quarts)
  • Transparent lid
  • Cool-to-touch handles
  • Temperature probe

Hamilton Beach is a programmable slow cooker with a lockable lid and a versatile design that cooks most meals. With one, you will be able to cool tasty beef, poultry, and pork without breaking a sweat. It is also perfect for preparing yogurt and fondue and shifts to keep warm after cooking. This way, your food stays warm and ready to serve for a few minutes, which is handy during meal times. The pot is 100% stainless steel, which is durable, safe, and non-stick.

The programmable digital system of Hamilton Beach makes it easy to use. You can adjust its temperature (low or high) to provide your preferred cooking environment. It also has a timer and multiple cook functions that expand your cooking option at home. In addition, Hamilton Beach is a spacious slow cooker. It cooks up to 4-pounds of roast and 5-pounds of chicken.


  • It has a versatile digitized system that cooks poultry, roast, and vegetables.
  • Its robust structure has a stainless-steel pot that lasts for years.
  • You do not have to set or monitor cooking manually as it has an automated system.


  • Can build up a lot of pressure leading to damage if in use for a long time.

Our Verdict:

Hamilton Beach is suitable for day-to-day use as it is large, easy to set up, and cooks automatically. Its parts are durable and food-grade. It also meets all safety requirements for slow cookers, which is good.

2. Cuisinart MSC-600 3-In-1 Cook Central


  • Programmable controls
  • 6-quart aluminum pot
  • Backlit control panel
  • BPA-free construction
  • Non-stick cooking pot
  • Transparent glass lid
  • Secure handles (cool-touch)

With Cuisinart MSC-600, you get a three-in-one slow cooker with a 6-quart aluminum pot that satisfies most people’s needs. If you need a spacious cooker that makes great meals at home, this is one of our top picks. Setting it up is a breeze via a programmable control panel in front of the cooker. You can set time and temperature to satisfy your cooking needs. It also has buttons for activating slow cooking, steaming, sauteing, and browning, making it unique.

The aluminum pot of Cuisinart MSC-600 can prepare up to 6 quarts of food, making it one of the largest on our list. The material also has a food-grade design with a non-stick finish that prevents your food from sticking as you cook. Therefore, the risk of food burning while slow cooking or browning is very low. In addition, you get a glass lid for monitoring progress. Also, the backlit control panel is easy to use even in the dark.


  • Its programmable design makes sauteing and browning food easy and quick.
  • It has a durable aluminum pot with a non-stick pot insert (BPA-free).
  • Its electricity-powered design is durable and 100% safe as it does not flare while in use.


  • The non-stick insert can flake and bubble over time if you do not maintain it well.

Our Verdict:

If you maintain this pot’s non-stick insert well, expect years of good service from an original one. It has a robust design made from aluminum. The digital controls are easy to use, while its longevity is desirable. With one, you will cook delicious meals without breaking a sweat. Maintaining it after use is also a piece of cake.

3. Elite Gourmet Digital Programmable Slow Cooker


  • Stainless steel pot
  • Dishwasher safe design
  • Spacious (8.5 quarts)
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Transparent lid
  • Sturdy handles
  • Brushed steel shell
  • BPA and phthalate-free

The oval design of Elite Gourmet is perfect for cooking poultry such as ducks and chicken. However, if you enjoy beef, pork, and vegetables, it also does an excellent job for the following reasons. First, its 8.5-quart design is one of the largest in this industry. You can fit a whole chicken in it and slow cook it for dinner or lunch with good results. You can also accommodate large beef roasts and turkey breasts in it and program its cooking for up to 90 minutes via digital controls. You press a button, and it does the rest for you.

The superior quality of Elite Gourmet has made it a top pick for thousands of people globally. Its pot, for instance, is stainless steel, a naturally non-stick material that lasts for years. It is rust-resistant and lacks harmful elements such as BPA or phthalates. Cleaning this pot is quick and easy as its removable pot is dishwasher safe. The brushed stainless-steel shell is also convenient as it has a wipeable design.


  • It has a heavy-duty design made from food-grade stainless steel.
  • Its digital controls (programmable) enable you to cook most foods without breaking a sweat.
  • Measuring 8.5 quarts, it is one of the largest slow cookers in the market.


  • Has a strong industrial smell that dissipates after days – some people hate this.

Our Verdict:

With its large cooking pot and programmable cooking settings, Elite Gourmet is perfect for cooking at home. It is stylish and has a removable pot (stainless steel) that you can clean in a dishwasher after use. You do not have to be a professional chef to use this product. You press a button and it does the rest for you.

4. BLACK+DECKER SCD1007 7 Quart Programmable Slow Cooker with Digital Timer


  • Non-stick cooking pot
  • Dishwasher safe pot
  • Seven-quart interior
  • Digital controls
  • Programmable timer
  • Three heat settings
  • Cool-touch handles

Most of us know and like BLACK+DECKER for the tools, it has manufactured over the years. However, it is also home to premium cooking pots that prepare delicious meals in homes. This 7-quart SCD1007 model, for instance, has a portable design with a programmable design that makes cooking effortless. You can choose between three heat settings (warm, high, and low) depending on your cooking food. You can also set it to stay on to extend slow cooking or set it to activate a warm mode after cooking food.

BLACK+DECKER SCD1007 has a lid that not only contains spills but also retains heat to ensure even cooking. The steel pot is non-stick, while the cool touch handles on the side make serving food easy. Apart from cooking, you can use BLACK+DECKER SCD1007 as a makeshift serving bowl with good results. In addition, the cooking pot (removable) is dishwasher safe.


  • Its stainless-steel cooking pot is durable, non-stick, and dishwasher safe. Cleaning it is easy.
  • Its lidded design has adjustable heat settings (three) for preparing different foods.
  • The programable controls of this slow cooker (digital) make it easy to use.


  • It takes a significantly longer time to cook which might frustrate people who like meat.

Our Verdict:

While it takes longer to cook, BLACK+DECKER SCD1007 is a decent product that will make you a much better chef. Its pre-programmed design delivers consistent results. It is easy to set up and offers 7-quarts of cooking space, which is enough for most people.

5. Chefman XL 5 Qt. Slow Cooker


  • 5 quarts of cooking space
  • Non-stick interior
  • Programmed system
  • One-year warranty
  • 30-day guarantee
  • Removable stone insert
  • Paleo certified pot

Chefman XL offers 5 quarts of cooking space, making it ideal for people with a small family. The pot is all-natural stainless steel with a non-stick interior that does an excellent job every time. Whether you enjoy vegetables or meat and want to prepare delicious meals quickly, order yours now. The paleo-certified stone insert is durable. It retains the natural flavor of food and comes with bonus recipes that you can try whenever you have a party. Chefman is worth the money.

Like other products that we have reviewed herein, Chefman XL has an easy-to-use programmed system. You can adjust its temperature to deliver the best cooking results. You can also set it to keep food warm after cooking until you are ready to serve. The system eliminates the need for frequently reheating food, which can lower the nutritional value of food. In addition, you get a one-year warranty for each original model that you order online. It also has a 30-day guarantee.


  • Its paleo-certified design is not only durable but also safe for cooking most foods.
  • The removable stoneware insert is non-stick and removable for cleaning.
  • The pre-programmed system is easy to use. You press a button and it does the rest.


  • The removable stoneware is susceptible to cracking, which is a concern.

Our Verdict:

Chefman XL is a versatile slow cooker with a pre-programmed system that will help you to prepare delicious meals. It is paleo-friendly, durable, and has a 5-quart pot that satisfies the needs of most people. It also has a removable stoneware insert that retains the natural flavor of food but is prone to cracking.

Final Thoughts

Buying a slow cooker for your home is a good idea as it enables you to cook delicious meals at home. They are durable and have pre-programmed systems that enable you to cook different foods with little effort. Our top five picks are durable and food-grade. They are easy to clean and have plug-and-use electrical systems.

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