Best Wood Cutting Boards with Good Uses & Durability (An Updated List)

Each home should have a wood cutting board because of the plethora of benefits the device offers. They are natural and therefore safer than the plastic cutting boards that have flooded the market. Wood is also non-slip and has a secure structure that does not dull knives while in use. Therefore, if you cook fresh meals often, you will do a good job always with one. Chopping or slicing ingredients will be a piece of cake for you. Cutlery such as knives will not dull over time. Finally, you will not add chemicals such as BPA to food.

Are you planning to add a new wood cutting board to your kitchen accessories? Read our guide to top-rated brands. We have reviewed key features that have made them sought after for years. We have also listed the pros of buying wood cutting boards and a shopping guide for choosing the best for the home.

Are you in a hurry?

Do not fall for the cheaply built cutting boards available on the Web. The following quality brands will serve you better.

Best Overall

ROYAL CRAFT WOOD Store Bamboo Cutting Board with Juice Groove

ROYAL CRAFT WOOD is a three in one bamboo cutting board suitable for preparing vegetables and cheese. If you like meats, it is one of the to use and is food grade and durable. The boards are 100% bamboo (natural) and therefore lack harsh elements such as BPA. It also has a juice groove that keeps your work surface clean and a sturdy base that is safe to use. The board rarely slips while in use, making it 100% safe to use on most kinds of tables. These boards are knife-friendly. They do not dull knives.

High-End Pick

John Boos Block WAL-R01 Walnut Wood Edge Grain Reversible Cutting Board

The John Boos Block WAL-R01 woodcutting knife is 100% walnut wood, which is food grade. It measures 18x12x1.5 inches and has a reversible design that you can use to chop vegetables and or fruits simultaneously. Proudly made in Effingham, Illinois, this USA-made board is durable. It does not dull knives and has secure handgrips for safe handling at home. You can also use it to serve meats and salads and hand wash it in seconds after use. The board is one of the best.

Budget Pick

Totally Bamboo Serving and Cutting Board Set

Totally Bamboo is an affordable cutting and serving bamboo board that comes in a pack of three. You can use the largest ones to cut vegetables and fruits and the medium-size ones for meats. The smaller one can be for preparing and or serving cheese. You decide what you want to do with this product. Totally Bamboo is a low-maintenance product. You can clean it by hand after use without structural damage. If you own a dishwasher, you can also pop in the set and clean in seconds. Thus, the collection is perfect for personal and professional use.

Benefits of Wood Cutting Boards

Why have wood-cutting boards attracted a lot of attention over the year? With a one, you will enjoy these benefits:

Food-Grade: Unlike plastic, wood is a food-grade material that you can use worry-free at home. Quality materials such a bamboo lack elements such as phthalates or BPA. You use them to prepare salads and meats without safety concerns.

Durable: Plastic scratches over time. Silicone is easy to cut with a sharp knife. With wood, these are non-issues. The material has a heavy-duty design that is less prone to scratching or breaking. If well cured, the risk of rotting or warping over time is also low, making it ideal for the kitchen.

Eye-Catching: Most of us enjoy having charming utensils in the kitchen as they improve the value of homes. The best wood cutting boards meet this threshold. They have an eye-catching all-natural design that looks good in most homes.

About the Best Wood Cutting Boards – What to Look For

Here are a few things to check while buying a wood board:

Type of Wood: Manufacturers use different types of wood, some of them a cut above the rest. Make sure that the wood used to make your cutting board of choice is non-toxic. Species derived from edible fruits are the best as they are naturally food-grade. The wood should also be durable and cost less money to turn into boards. Most species meet this threshold, but maple and beech are so far the best. They are durable, safe, and have a fantastic look that does not fade over time. Teak, walnut, and bamboo are other reputable ones.

Size: You need a product that will look good in your pocket and serve you well. It should be an ideal size for preparing vegetables, fruits, or meats. You should also be able to store it with ease after use in a cabinet or drawer. For the best results, buy a model that comes in a set. They come in a pack of two or three boards of different sizes.

Juice Wells: Juice wells are not critical but essential. Whenever you are cutting juicy foods, the well will keep your table dry. Look for a product with one to enjoy this added benefit.

Top 5 Best Wood Cutting Boards in 2021

Do you need a cutting board that you can use daily at home with good results? Here are our picks of the best this year.

1. ROYAL CRAFT WOOD Store Bamboo Cutting Board with Juice Groove (3-Piece Set)


  • Natural bamboo blocks.
  • Knife safe surfaces.
  • Built-in handles.
  • Efficient juice grooves.
  • Pack of three boards.
  • Long lasting design.
  • Charming design.

Natural bamboo boards from ROYAL CRAFT WOOD Store are popular because of their hypoallergenic design. They are also durable, charming, and do not dull knives as often as other materials do. With one, expect a set of three butcher block chopping boards that double as serving trays. All have handles for stability. They also come in three sizes (small, medium, and large) for different jobs. The small board comes in handy during trips. You can carry it to a campsite and use it to chop small quantities of food. The medium and large sizes are suitable for meal prep at home.

ROYAL CRAFT WOOD Store boards have a knife-friendly design. Their smooth surfaces are easy to cut on, as knives glide effortlessly. They don’t scratch easily and do not dull knives, which is a plus for people who cook often. Finally, all boards have grooves for mess-free cutting. They do not leak juices on tables and other cutting surfaces while in use.


  • Their long-lasting bamboo structure does not scratch over time nor dull knives.
  • Each of the three boards has juice grooves and handles that come in handy at home.
  • Their food-grade design is suitable for cutting ingredients for cooked foods or salads.


  • The material shreds and cracks over the years, especially from the edges.

Our Verdict:

ROYAL CRAFT WOOD Store is a set of three cutting boards made from food-grade bamboo. Bamboo has a durable and knife-safe design that does not dull knives. The boards lack additives, making them 100% safe to use at home. They also have juice grooves that contain liquids to keep tables clean.

2. Totally Bamboo 3-Piece Bamboo Serving and Cutting Board Set


  • Set of three boards.
  • Sustainable bamboos.
  • Knife safe surface.
  • Hand-washable design.
  • Built-in handle.
  • Antimicrobial property.
  • Long lasting structure.

Are you shopping for a set of durable and knife-safe cutting boards that you can use to serve food as well? Totally Bamboo is a pack of three bamboo boards suitable for cutting most ingredients and serving food. The largest board measures 13-inches and is therefore ideal for cutting large slabs of meat or vegetables. You also get a small (8 inches) and medium-size (11-inches) model for light and medium-duty cutting or serving food. Due to their versatility, Totally Bamboo boards are good gift items.

With Totally Bamboo, you get a better cutting surface for your knives. It doesn’t scratch easily and has does not dull knives, saving you money in the end. They are also easy to clean. Use hot water, soap, and a sponge to scrub their surface clean after use to prevent the growth of bacteria. You can air dry or dry it with a paper towel before storage.


  • These three cutting boards have a knife safe structure that lasts for many years.
  • The handles of these boards make them easy to use at home while cutting ingredients or serving.
  • Their low maintenance design (hand washable) makes them perfect day-to-day cutting boards.


  • Like other bamboo products, these boards splinter on the edges, which is frustrating.

Our Verdict:

While splintering is common and frustrating, this set of boards is of a decent quality. All are durable and knife safe. In addition, the handles provide better control while cutting, while their wipe-clean design is easy to clean after use. The natural bamboo used to make these cutting boards are food-grade. It comes in three sizes for different cutting jobs.

3. John Boos Block WAL-R01 Walnut Wood Edge Grain Reversible Cutting Board


  • 18x12x5-inches.
  • Sustainably sourced walnut.
  • One-year limited warranty.
  • Reversible design.
  • Knife safe design.
  • Hand washable design.
  • Long lasting block.

We all love John Boos because of the belief that it has on the quality of its products. John Boos Block WAL-R01 is a safe US-made board that works hassle-free. This 18x12x5-inch cutting board, for instance, has a one-year limited warranty. Made from solid wood, the product is durable. Also, it has a reversible design that you can use to cut meats and vegetables at the same time. Cut meat on one side and flip it around to cut vegetables without cross-contamination.

The John Boos board is a walnut wood, which stands out in terms of style and strength. Also, because Job Boos sources wood sustainably in the US, the production of this board has a low environmental impact. If you love the environment, this board is a good pick for you. Both of its sides are flat and knife safe. They do not scratch quickly, not dull the blades’ sharp edges, as is the case with plastic boards. Finally, this NSF-certified board is hand wash safe. Cleaning it is easy.


  • It has a knife-safe, NSF-certified design that does not scratch easily nor dull knives.
  • Its reversible design is perfect for preparing two ingredients without cross-contamination.
  • The board has a durable, 18x12x1.5-inch design that you can hand-wash safely after use.


  • You have to lock in the wood with a mystery oil and cream sold separately.

Our Verdict:

While you will spend more money on a mystery oil and cream to lock the wood, this is a worthy board. It has a thick block with a reversible cutting surface that does not dull knives. The edges do not fray over time, as the board is solid walnut, sourced in the USA. John Boos has a hand-washable and NSF-certified design with a 1-year warranty.

4. Indigo True Store Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Boards


  • Natural bamboo.
  • Extra-large surface.
  • Built-in juice groove.
  • Rounded edges.
  • Long lasting design.
  • 17.5×13.5 inches.
  • Knife friendly surface.
  • Gorgeous cutting board.

Your kitchen will be more functional with an Indigo True Store bamboo cutting board around. Even though you only get one board, its versatility and quality will boost how you cook at home. Measuring 17.5×13.5 inches, it provides a large cutting surface (rectangular) that can satisfy most people’s needs. You can cut meats on it, for instance, without running out of space. You can also slice vegetables and fruits or use them to serve food such as roasted meat. The board does not have a handle, which is a bummer to most people. However, it has a juice grove that prevents spills.

The Indigo True Store is 100% bamboo, which is beneficial in many ways. Even though light, the material is durable. It does not scratch over time and has rounded edges that are less prone to splintering than cheap bamboo boards are. The material is also knife-safe and does not absorb moisture or juices as much as other materials do. Therefore, the risk of it growing mold or culturing bacteria is low. All you have to do is hand wash it with water, soap, and a sponge after use.


  • The deep juice groove stops food juices from dripping on your countertop or table.
  • Its versatile design is perfect for cutting wet and dry ingredients and serving food.
  • This heavy-duty cutting board has a solid bamboo top that is knife-safe.


  • You only one bamboo cutting board that does not have a built-in handle.

Our Verdict:

Indigo True Store is a recommended gift item for cooks due to its versatility, safety, and longevity. Its bamboo structure (100%) is durable. It also has a cool-looking design with a juice groove and a knife safe design. If you use it correctly, it will not dull not ruin the quality of your knife in any way.

5. Sonder Los Angeles Multipurpose Sustainable Acacia Wood Cutting Board


  • One year warranty.
  • Reversible design.
  • 16x12x1.5-inches.
  • Durable acacia wood.
  • Does not dull knives.
  • Built-in juice groove.
  • Stylish outlook.

Sonder Los Angeles is a multipurpose 16x12x1.5-inch board with a reversible design made from acacia wood. The material is as durable as walnut and bamboo, if not better, and is food grade. It does not contain harmful saps or residues that might taint your salads or meats. It also has a juice groove that stops fluids/juices from dripping on the table and ruining everything. Whether you are a professional chef or a hobbyist, therefore, you will enjoy using this product.

Sonder Los Angeles plays many roles in the home. If you want to streamline meal prep, this is one of the best products to use. Its thick design lasts for a long time. It does not dull knives and has a charming outlook, which makes it perfect for serving food. You get a one-year warranty.


  • It has a spacious and reversible design that is suitable for meal prep and serving.
  • The acacia wood is durable, food-safe, and does not dull or damage knives.
  • The juice slot catches food juices as you cut to protect your table from damage.


  • The cutting board has a questionable finish that degrades as you cut and wash it.

Our Verdict:

The versatility of the Sonder Los Angeles cutting board has earned it a place among the best in 2021. During meal prep, you can use it to chop vegetables, meats, or fruits on its reversible sides. While the stock finish is questionable, never question the longevity of this board. It is durable. Also, it has a food-safe design that does not dull knives.

Final Thoughts

To save your kitchen table or countertop from scratches or damage, always use a cutting board during meal prep. They are affordable and of high quality. They provide a sturdy platform for cutting vegetables and meats. Wood is also food-grade and very easy to clean with water and after use. If you need a new one for your home, check out our top five picks.

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