Eufy Robovac 11 Robot Vacuum Review

As with the other lower-priced products in the robot vacuum category, we started skeptically about this category segment. The Eufy Robovac 11 has the highest ratio of delighted customers, with 84% of all reviews being four or 5-star reviews and only 7% being negative, 1-star reviews.

image of eufy robovac 11 robot vacuum

eufy robovac 11 robot vacuum

First, I’d consider the price point a reasonable price for this product category; it’s not a huge budget breaker, so we believe it affordable. It would be best if you still kept in mind that it’s good to have a good, what we will call a regular vacuum for the thorough cleaning that you will want to do.

The Eufy comes with the docking/charging base, the vacuum, a cleaning tool, filter, and an IR remote control. Keep in mind that with any IR (infrared) remote, you will need a line of sight to work with the vacuum. Short battery life of only 1.5 hours, the lowest we looked at, barely losing to the Ecovacs N79. The vacuum will most likely need to head back for a charge while it’s working on your floor if you have a little bit of floor space.

The most consistent praise that we saw from customers is the fact that the Eufy is incredibly quiet. The customers that made sure they mentioned this were owners of other brands, usually iRobot, and they were very impressed with how quiet it was. There was not a few one-off comments that we heard of; this was a choir of people who owned products from multiple manufacturers. The vacuum did the job that you would expect for most people; it sucked up dust and pet hair and even picked up some small objects.

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We expected to see the problem with this product we thought would be a short life of a couple of months. That wasn’t the case here. The biggest problem, which is a pretty big problem, is a lack of replacement parts, including the filter and foam cover. Most vacuum manufacturers recommend replacing or cleaning the filter with a degree of frequency (depends on the company). Still, if you can’t find them, then you can’t replace them. The other somewhat consistent problem is that several owners have stated that the collision detection is terrible and that it wanders around like a drunk when it bumps into something as it tries to find its way. A few people did indicate that their vacuum died in a short amount of time, but honestly, you’re likely to have that with any tech product. We did not see that happening as often as the even less expensive iLife 4S.

While we are very concerned that replacement parts seem challenging to come by, we say that the Eufy is not a bad product to augment what we will call a complete cleaning of your house. If you have frequent drop-ins at home and you always want to look tidy, go for it. We would recommend that, if you can, you buy a replacement filter or two when you buy the vacuum, just in case.

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