Best 2-Slice Toasters Reviewed – Toaster to Speed Up Your Breakfast

The best 2-slice toasters are suitable for preparing delicious toast for breakfast, a sandwich or a snack. They can toast two slices at a time and are renowned for their speed and consistency. Once you add the slices, most systems take one or two minutes to toast, saving people time. They also toast evenly and accommodate other pastries, including bagels, which are the best on the market. Read on to learn more.

Two slice toasters are diverse, each with its unique pros and cons. While most brands are durable and food-grade, you need a product that you will not struggle to use at home. The slots should be wide and easy to load and unload. Also, to make toasting easier, look for a product with pre-programmed toasting and or defrost settings, to name a few. We have reviewed the best with these features.

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This article offers detailed information on two slot toasters, including their benefits and what to look for while choosing one. We have also provided short reviews of the bestsellers in this niche to help you find the best for your home. Here is a snapshot of the three best ones:

Keemo Retro Small Toaster with Bagel, Cancel, Defrost Function

Best Overall

Keemo Retro Small Toaster with Bagel, Cancel, Defrost Function

Keemo offers more benefits than most traditional toasters often do. Apart from toasting delicious bread, you can use it to defrost pastry or toast bagels as well. The slots are wide and long, while its steel structure (stainless) is stylish and durable. Therefore, if you need a device that will help you prepare delicious meals for years, this is the best. Its touch controls and LED indicators ease its operation. It also has a snap-in power cord, a crumb tray, and adjustable browning settings (six) that can satisfy most people's needs.

Oster 2-Slice Toaster, Black (006332-000-000)

High-End Pick

Oster 2-Slice Toaster, Black (006332-000-000)

The Oster 2-Slice Toaster has a high-end black theme with multiple novel features that boost its performance. Its two slots, for instance, are among its strengths. They are wide and have adjustable bread guides that fit and toast both thin and thick slices. They can also toast slices of bagels and other pastries without sticking or burning. The toaster is stainless steel, which is durable and stylish. It has a crumb tray that contains messes and seven toast shades that you can adjust using a front-mounted dial. Its performance is excellent.

Amazon Smart Oven, a Certified for Humans Device – plus Echo Dot

Amazon Basics 2 Slice Extra-Wide Slot Toaster

Budget Pick

Amazon Basics 2 Slice Extra-Wide Slot Toaster

Whether you enjoy light or dark toasted bread or bagels, this toaster will satisfy your needs. With Amazon Basics, you get two extra-wide toasting slots for bread (small/thick slices) and bagels. Each slot has six shade settings. It also has a defrost setting that you can use to heat frosted bread before toasting – all in a compact and portable package. Finally, this wide slot toaster has a removable tray that catches crumbs, illuminated buttons, and a limited one-year warranty.

Benefits of 2-Slice Toasters

Are you considering buying a two-slot toaster for your home? Do not hesitate to buy one as they offer many benefits. Key among them is:

Consistent: Are you tired of serving burnt toast whenever you prepare breakfast for your family members or friends? Expect better results with a toaster oven as they are very consistent. The extra-wide slots on most modes fit most bread types, even bagels. They also toast bread evenly and have adjustable shade settings that you can use to customize the crunch and taste of bread.

Quick: Toasting bread on a pan takes people several minutes at home, and the results are not always great. Toasters offer better results as they are speedy. Once you have added bread and chose your preferred settings, it does the rest for you quickly.

Efficient: Two slice toasters use six times less energy than ovens whenever you are toasting bread. Thus, if you are conscious of your spending, replacing your toaster oven with one might be a good decision. You will also have a positive impact on the environment using one.

Cost-Effective: Two slot toasters are no longer as costly as they were in the past. Most individuals can afford an original one online.

The Best 2-Slice Toasters – What to Look for When Buying

Slot Size: The size of the slot of your toaster of choice depicts the thickness of the slices of bread that you can prepare. Models with flexible slots are the best as they can accommodate small and thick pieces. They can also toast other pastries such as bagels, which is a plus. Therefore, it is an excellent attribute to check out before buying to ensure that you are getting a product that will serve you well.

Material: Always check the material from which the toaster is made. It should be durable and food grade. Looks are also important, so keep this in mind too. Stainless steel meets this threshold, making it one of the best to date. The material is durable, looks good, and is very easy to clean.

Easy to Use: Do not buy a product that requires a lot of effort to set up and use. To make mealtime fun, opt instead for a well-built product that requires little effort to set and use. Products with pre-programmed settings, for instance, are convenient. Look for one. You should be able to adjust the shade of toasted bread with the touch of a button. You should also be able to retrieve bread easily.

Safety: Two slice toasters are electricity-powered items and thus can be safety hazards if you do not handle them well. To avoid such issues, look for a product with a certified electrical system. They are safer to handle even by beginners. Moreover, make sure that your product of choice is food-grade. Cheap plastic parts are unsuitable.

Top 5 Best 2-Slice Toasters in the Market this Year

You probably know and appreciate the benefits of owning a 2-slice toaster at home. In this section, we have reviewed some of the most popular two-slot models that offer value for cash. Read on to learn more:

1. KEEMO Retro Small 2 Slot Toaster with Bagel, Cancel, Defrost Function


  • Six browning settings.
  • Wide toasting slots (two).
  • Durable stainless steel.
  • ETL certified design.
  • Pre-heat and bagel settings.
  • Pre-programmed settings.
  • Stylish turquoise theme.

Two slot toasters are diverse, but only a few can toast dependably for many years due to their quality of construction. This small and retro-themed KEEMO model is one of the bestsellers as it is stylish, durable, and, most importantly, works well. The shell and other components are 100% stainless-steel - a stylish and durable material that takes little effort to clean. On the other hand, the slots have an extra-wide design that fits thick slices of bread or bagel.

Operating this dual-slot toaster is easy. Add two slices of bread. Turn on the toaster, set the brownness setting you need, and let the machine do the hard work. It will toast and let you know when the bread is ready. You get three basic settings – defrost, bagel, and cancel. You also get five browning settings and an ETL-certified design 100% safe to use at home and in other areas.

  • You get three basic settings and five browning settings (pre-programmed) that are ready to use.
  • It has an eye-catching turquoise theme made from 100% food-grade stainless steel.
  • Its ETL-certified design is durable and 100% safe to use at home and in hotels.
  • Its browning button generates an annoying clicking sound while in use. Some people hate this.
Our Verdict:

KEEMO is a dependable toaster with a cool-looking turquoise theme. It has an ETL-certified design that exceeds all requirements for safety. It also has a durable structure (stainless steel) with two wide slots that toast bread and bagels. The defrost function is also beneficial, while its bright LEDs tell you when the bread is ready.

2. Amazon Basics 2 Slice, Extra-Wide Slot Toaster with 6 Shade


  • Two large slots.
  • Six shade settings.
  • Bagel setting for toasting.
  • Extra-lift lever.
  • 22-inch power cord.
  • Removable crumb tray.
  • Limited one-year warranty.

Amazon Basics has everything that you will need to prepare a tasty toast for breakfast or snacks at home. The two slots, for instance, can satisfy the needs of most people. They measure 1-1/4 inches wide and 5-1/4 inches long and can accommodate most types of bread. You also get a bagel and defrost setting for toasting one side or thawing bread and a robust stainless-steel structure. The material is BPA-free and has an excellent look (black and silver), which will not scratch, bubble, or fade over time, even when hot.

With Amazon Basics, toasting bread is an art. You can adjust the shade of bread up to six levels by simply turning a knob. You can also cancel the session at any time or when something goes wrong and retrieve smaller pieces of bread safely via an extra lift lever. Unfortunately, the power cord is somewhat short at around 22-inches. You will have to install it closer to an outlet to work well.

  • The shade, defrost and cancel settings of Amazon Basics boost its versatility and thus performance in homes.
  • Its long and wide slots fit and toast both thin and thick slices of bread.
  • The toaster has a durable stainless-steel structure with a cool look (black and silver).
  • Its power cord is relatively short at around 22 inches, which is a bummer for some users.
Our Verdict:

Amazon Basics is popular for the budget conscious and may work better than some branded products do. This dual-slot toaster, for instance, not only fits and toasts thin and thick slices of bread but also defrosts. It is durable (stainless steel) and has a plug-and-use system that comes ready to use. Retrieval of bread is easy via an extra lift lever, while the limited warranty offered for it covers all factory defects for a year.

3. Hamilton Beach Brushed Stainless Steel 2-Slice Toaster (22910)


  • Brushed stainless steel.
  • Two extra-large slots.
  • Fit bread and bagels.
  • Shade selector system.
  • Auto-off technology.
  • Removable crumb tray.
  • Convenient cord wrap.

This brushed stainless steel toaster from Hamilton Beach has an eye-catching design made from brushed stainless steel. Therefore, if looks are essential for you, you should consider ordering yours today. In terms of performance, it is also one of the best for these reasons. First, the slots (two) have an extra-large design that fits and toasts thin and thick slices of bread. They also fit bagels and have a shade selector that enables you to prepare a perfect batch of toast every day. Hamilton Beach shuts off automatically after toasting to maximize safety.

Cleaning the Hamilton Beach toaster after use is effortless for two reasons. The brushed steel structure, for instance, has a wipe-to-clean design that is convenient. Use a dry paper towel to clean dust or grime occasionally and leave it looking clean. Also, because it has a removable crumb tray, your countertop will stay clean when it is in use. Remove and empty it often to keep the toaster clean.

  • The extra-wide slots (two) can fit and toast bread, bagels, and many other pastries.
  • Its shade selector enables you to cool perfect and delicious toast batch after batch.
  • The slide-out crumb tray in this toaster catches crumbs to keep your countertop clean.
  • Its brushed surface can get messy very quickly whenever you are handling it barehand.
Our Verdict:

Hamilton Beach is by far one of the cheapest products on this list. It is also light and designed to prepare delicious toast consistently with little effort from users. The slots, for instance, are large and therefore suitable for toasting bagels as well. An auto-shutoff system prevents burning, while its slide-out crumb tray prevents messes.

4. Oster 2-Slice Toaster (006332-000-000)


  • Auto-adjusting slots.
  • Seven shade settings.
  • Easy to use controls.
  • Durable stainless steel.
  • Two wide slots.
  • Non-slip rubber feet.
  • Removable crumb tray.
  • Reheat and defrost settings.

Oster prepares two slices of delicious toast per session via its extra-wide slots. It can toast both white and brown bread. Also, if you enjoy bagels, you can prepare delicious meals well with the touch of a button. The slots adjust automatically to fit bread of all thicknesses. It also ensures faster and consistent results and can reheat toast of thaw frozen bread with the touch of a button. Like other brands on our list, you can customize the shade of toast (light to dark) via a spinning knob mounted in front of this one-of-a-kind 2-slice toaster.

Toast retrieval is a challenge with some brands of toasters. Oster 2-Slice is not one of them. Like we stated earlier, the slots adjust automatically to fit thin and thick slices of bread. The system also has a high-rise level that makes the retrieval of small slices effortless. Oster is stainless steel (black and silver) and has a removable crumb tray that catches bread crumbs as it toasts to avoid messes.

  • It has a long-lasting design with wide slots that adjust automatically while in use.
  • A removable crumb tray on the bottom catches bread crumbs for easier disposal.
  • The adjustable shade control enables you to customize the look and taste of toasted bread.
  • It has a few plastic parts that can melt and smoke when it is in use for long.
Our Verdict:

Oster should replace the plastic parts in this toaster as they are prone to smoking while it is in use. Otherwise, all other parts are top-grade and able to deliver professional results with bread and bagels. You can adjust the shade of bread on demand. The wide slots adjust automatically to accommodate bread of all thickness, while its removable crumb tray catches crumbs for easy cleaning.

5. Cuisinart CPT-160P1 Metal Classic Toaster


  • Wide toasting slots.
  • Removable crumb tray.
  • 900-watt element.
  • Extra-wide slots (1.5 inches).
  • Brushed stainless steel.
  • Reheat and defrost settings.
  • Seven adjustable shades.
  • Limited 3-year warranty.

This 900-watt classic toaster from Cuisinart has a powerful design with six browning settings for toast. You can prepare light or dark toast on demand. It can also toast bagels, as the toasting slots are wide and multifunctional, or reheat or defrost pastry when needed. The crumb tray contains messes, while the extra lift carriage lever in front makes the retrieval of toasted bread and bagels effortless.

  • This classic toaster prepares delicious toast (light or dark) with little effort from users.
  • It has a powerful system (900 watts) that does an excellent job in most settings.
  • Its modern brushed stainless-steel exterior is durable, stylish, and 100% food grade.
  • Even though powerful, the 800-watt element of this toaster loses its power over time.
Our Verdict:

Cuisinart CPT-160P1 has a durable stainless-steel body with black and chrome accents that boost its charm. The slots are wide and multi-functional. It also has intuitive buttons (one-touch) for heating and defrosting bread or bagels. A removable crumb tray contains messes.

Final Thoughts

Our picks for the best 2 slot toasters will help you to prepare tasty toast in the morning in seconds. All are durable (stainless steel) and feature powerful electric systems with extra-wide slots. They have plug-and-use designs with responsive pre-programmed buttons.

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