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The best electric water kettles are perfect for boiling water for tea and coffee et. cetera. Most models have simple plug-and-use designs that are easy to use. Whenever you are ready to cook tea or coffee, all you do is add water, plug it into an electric outlet, and push a button for it to work. Materials are food-grade, while quality parts such as the pot and electric element last for many years. If you are currently using pots to heat water, buy yours online today.

Do not waste your time boiling water in a pot whenever you are preparing coffee or tea at home. An electric water kettle will help you to the job done quickly and professionally. We have reviewed some of the best brands in stores today that will boost your chef skills at home. They come at a cost-effective price. They are also easy to use and very durable.

Are you in a hurry?

We can help you to find the best electric kettles in the market this year. Check out our top picks today.

Mueller Premium 1500W Electric Kettle

Best Overall

Mueller Premium 1500W Electric Kettle

Mueller Premium provides you with the opportunity to brew delicious tea at home without exerting a lot of effort. If you need hot water for dough and/or your other recipes, it is also one of the best to use. It has a powerful system entailing a 1500-watt element and a 1.8-litre jar. The jar is borosilicate glass, which has a thick, food-grade structure that lasts for years. Also, it does not affect the taste of water, unlike plastic, and has a cool design that looks stunning in kitchens. For safety, you get boil dry protection. Also, an auto-shutoff system switches off automatically once water is ready.

Ovente Portable Electric Glass Kettle

High-End Pick

Ovente Portable Electric Glass Kettle

Ovente is a feature-packed electric water kettle that works seamlessly at home and on the road. Its small, countertop design works well in kitchens without cluttering space. It also has a powerful element (1100 watts) that boils up to 1.5 litres of water in just 7 minutes. Thus, while making breakfast in the morning, you do not have to wait for long for your water to boil. It shuts off automatically after heating water and has boil-dry protection for safety. The base is stable (stainless steel). Parts have a 2-year warranty, while its illuminated design is very easy to see in the dark.

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Amazon Basics Stainless Steel Hot Water Kettle

Budget Pick

Amazon Basics Stainless Steel Hot Water Kettle

Do you need a durable and cost-effective electric water kettle for use at home and on the road? This 1-litre stainless steel model from Amazon Basics will serve you the best. It has a light and portable design that you can use on the road hassle-free. It also has a durable silver design (stainless steel) with a 1-litre pot and a 1500-watt element that does an excellent job always. It heats a full pot of water in less than ten minutes and has a safe concealed design that you can use around kids. The kettle also has a filter for bad odours and debris and many safety features. The key one is automatic shutoff (with boil-dry protection).

Benefits of Electric Water Kettles

What are the pros of owning an electric kettle? Here are a few that might encourage you to buy one now.

Fast: Most people have less than an hour to prepare for work daily. The available time for making breakfast is even shorter, which frustrates people who depend on pots and pans to cook. With an electric water kettle, this will be a non-issue for you. They are super quick. Most models have powerful electric elements that heat 1.0 litres or more in less than 10 minutes. A new one will save you a lot of time in the morning.

Food-Safe: The technology used to make electric water kettles has improved over the years. The cheaply designed plastic jugs that people used in the past are no longer in stock. Most available products have food grade parts including glass jars and stainless-steel bases. You get a food-grade product.

Easy to Use:  Boiling water for instant tea or coffee or other recipes is easier with an electric water kettle. Most models have removable pots that take seconds to fill and/or clean. They also have pre-programmed systems with touch controls that require no effort to use. Press a button and let it do its thing.

Cost-Effective: Most people can afford a new electric water heater. They come at a cheap price online and last for years, which users love. You do not need deep pockets to own an original one for your home.

What to Look for in an Electric Water Heater

Power:  The power of your pots electrical element is a direct indicator of the experience you will have with one at home. Powerful electric water kettles are fast and vice versa. With one, you will be able to get the job done quicker without little effort. Thus, before reaching for a wallet, it is good to check what is on offer.

Capacity: You should always check the capacity of the jar of your preferred item. How many liters of water can it accommodate at full capacity? Make sure that its capacity is enough for you and your family.

Materials: All materials should be durable and food-grade. The base, for instance, should a solid material such as stainless steel. It is stylish as well, which is a plus. The jar, on the other hand, should be a food-safe material such as borosilicate glass. It is durable, easy to clean, and does not ruin the taste of water.

Safety: While buying anything that involves heating water with electricity, safety must be top-notch. Look for a product that you will be able to use around your kids without hesitation due to its quality. It should boil dry protection to stop it from firing up when the water level is low. Auto shutoff systems are also suitable.

List of the Best Electric Water Kettles

If electric water kettles fascinate you and you need a new one, this section is for you. We have reviewed some of the best brands in the market this year.

1. Mueller Premium 1500W Electric Kettle


  • European engineered
  • 1500-watt element
  • High capacity (1.8 litres)
  • Borosilicate glass pot
  • Plug and use design
  • Auto shutoff technology
  • Boil dry protection
  • Stainless steel base
  • Easy to use switch

Traditional pots take a significantly longer time to heat water. They are also bulky and need a stovetop to work. With a Mueller electric heater, however, you will overcome these issues and more. Features a SpeedBoil system, its 1500-watt element is one of the most powerful around. It heats water in a few minutes, saving time that you can channel somewhere else. It also has a high capacity (1.8 litres) pot made from borosilicate glass – a heat resistant polyester copolymer. Thus, unlike “normal glass that shutters when it drops, the material has better drop resistance. It also has a food-grade structure with a clear structure that enables you to check progress.

This European engineered electric kettle is one of the safes in the market. You get boil dry protection. The technology shuts it off when water is below an optimal amount to prevent the element from burning out. You also get auto-shutoff after boiling water. The features work together to protect the kettle and you.

  • It has a spacious jar (1.8 litres) made from long lasting borosilicate glass.
  • Auto shutoff and boil-dry protection maximise the safety of this electric water kettle.
  • Its detachable design enables 360-degree pouring, which is convenient.
  • The reports of the lid of this kettle sticking or jamming have been shared online.
Our Verdict:

With Mueller, expect a spacious (1.8 litres), 1500-watt electric kettle made from stainless steel and borosilicate glass. Its European-engineered design is easy to use (plug and use). The kettle also has auto-shutoff and boil-dry protection that boosts its safety.

2. Amazon Basics Portable Electric Hot Water Kettle


  • 1-litre stainless steel kettle
  • 1500-watt electric element
  • 30-inch power cable
  • Concealed heating element
  • Light and portable design
  • Resistant to corrosion/rust
  • Boil dry protection
  • Auto shutoff system

With an Amazon Basics portable kettle, brewing tea or coffee on the road will be easy for you. Its cost is gentle on the pocket, while its feature-rich design can satisfy the needs of most people. Here are some common ones that you will love. First, its 1.0-litre design makes enough tea or coffee for two or more people. Thus, you do not have to heat water during breakfast to satisfy your family’s need. The jar is 100% steel and therefore durable. It also has a cool look (silver) that will not stain or rust after months of use. You can detach the jar from the base for easy filling.

The power output of this water kettle (1500 watts) is amazing. It can boil up to a litre of water in less than ten minutes, saving users a lot of time and effort. The heating element is durable (stainless steel) and has a safely concealed design. Other safety features are boil-dry protection and shutoff that activate automatically. The power cord measures approximately 30 inches.

  • The electric kettle has a powerful electric element with a safely concealed design.
  • Its 1.0-litre jug is spacious and has an eye-catching stainless-steel design.
  • Boil dry protection and auto-shutoff technologies boost the safety of this kettle
  • The area around the base is not 100% stainless steel and therefore susceptible to rust.
Our Verdict:

Keep water away from the base as it is susceptible to rust. All other parts are top-grade though, making it ideal for people who need a budget kettle that works. Its robust element boils water fast. Safety is top-notch.

3. Ovente Portable Electric Glass Kettle


  • 1500-watt element
  • Lighted base (LED)
  • Auto shutoff system
  • Boil-dry protection
  • 120-volt electric system
  • Two-year warranty
  • 100% BPA-free parts

Ovente is popular because of its unique style and its superior functionality. Currently is one of the few trustworthy brands with a lighted pot. The strip of LED lights on the base grants you a better view of its contents, which enables you to use it at night. The base, on the other hand, has a sturdy design made from stainless steel. Loaded full water, the risk of it slipping or toppling over is very low, which is ideal.

Ovente is a portable and high-capacity product that you will enjoy using at home. It holds up to 1.5 litres of water, making it one of the largest on our list. The pot is thick glass (100% BPA-free), while its 1500-watt element heats water in seven minutes. Plug it into a 120-volt power outlet, add water, and switch it on to brew delicious coffee or tea at home. Ovente’s fire safe design has a two-year warranty. It shuts off automatically after use and has boil-dry protection.

  • Has a spacious glass carafe that accommodates up to 1.5 litres of water.
  • Boil dry protection and auto-shutoff technologies boost the safety of the kettle.
  • Its glass, plastic, and stainless-steel parts are not only durable but also food-safe.
  • It has a few plastic parts that do not withstand high temperature all year around.
Our Verdict:

The glass carafe and the lighted base of the Ovente electric water kettle are great. Its 1500-watt element is powerful. Finally, its 1.5-litre pot can satisfy the needs of most people. However, it has a few delicate plastic parts that might let your down over the years.

4. HadinEEon Electric Kettle


  • High capacity (1.7 litres)
  • Borosilicate glass
  • Auto shutoff system
  • Bright LED strip
  • Non-slip plastic handle
  • British Strix thermostat control
  • Boils in 6 minutes
  • No plastic parts

HadinEEon is the largest electric water kettle on our list at 1.7 litres. It has a cordless teapot that you can remove, fill, and clean with little effort. The pot is a thick borosilicate glass that does not scratch not breaks easily. Its base, on the other hand, is stainless steel with an LED strip on top that enables you to monitor progress at night. You will know when water is boiling and ready to use by simply looking across the pot. The plastic handle is non-slip and cool to touch.

The heating system of the HadinEEon Electric Kettle has undergone major updates over time. Its element, for instance, has a powerful, fully-enclosed design that you can use safely at home. It also has British Strix thermostat control that regulates temperature to help it heat water quickly, efficiently. Like other kettles on this list, you get a few safety features such as an automatic shut-off system with boil-dry protection. The system prevents premature damage to the kettle. It also lowers the risk of accidental fires.

  • The electric kettle has a fast-heating electric element with a British Strix thermostat control.
  • Its borosilicate glass pot is durable, scratch-resistant, and has a 100% BPA-free structure.
  • It has a portable plug-and-use design that most people can use at home and on the road.
  • The water level markers are on one side of the pot, which some people find inconvenient.
Our Verdict:

HadinEEon is a decent all in one kettle that heats 1.7 litres of water in just six minutes. It has a sturdy base made from stainless steel. The pot is borosilicate glass, while its element has British Strix thermostat control, which boosts its efficacy. Finally, you will love its visual aesthetics, including its lighted pot.

5. COSORI Electric Kettle Glass Hot Water Boiler


  • Indicator lights (LED)
  • Large design (1.7 litres)
  • Food-grade structure
  • Quick boil (3-7 minutes)
  • Auto shutoff (with boil dry protection)
  • Borosilicate glass kettle
  • Measurement markings

Whether you need an electric kettle for boiling water and brewing tea or coffee, COSORI will satisfy your needs. This water boiler cum tea heater has a large design (1.7 litres) with indicator lights (LED) that tell you when water is on or when water is ready. The clear pot (borosilicate glass) is durable and has clear measurement markings on the side. The pot does not scuff/scratch and has a food-grade structure. While you cannot detach it from the base, it is light even when full.

Like the HadinEEon brand, COSOI has British STRIX thermostat technology that regulates heat while it is in use. The system ensures faster heating while keeping power use to its lowest at the same time. It also has quick-boil (3-7 minutes) and auto-shutoff (with boil dry protection) that stops it overheating. You will need a 120-volt electric outlet for it to work.

  • Its powerful electrical system has a quick boil system that heats water in 3-7 minutes.
  • It has a spacious 1.7-litre design that can satisfy most people.
  • A plethora of safety features including auto-shutoff and boil dry protection.
  • It has a strong plastic smell which dissipates after several uses.
Our Verdict:

Apart from its initial plastic smell, you will love everything about this water and tea heater. Its glass pot is BPA-free and spacious. You also get a quick heating electrical element with auto-shutoff and boil dry protection.

Final Thoughts

Boiling water in pots is not only slow but also unsafe if your kids mill around the kitchen often. To prevent such issues and get good results always, you will need an electric water kettle. They are fast, safe, and have food-grade materials that never disappoint. All their plug and use design need little effort to use.

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