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Knives does not automatically need to be disposed of whenever it gets too dull or if its blades get damaged/chipped. That is where knife sharpeners come into play. This tool can effectively prolong the shelf-life of your kitchen knife set as well as help it maintain its razor-blade sharpness. One of the most highly recommended sharpening stones those the utilize small industrial-grade diamond on its surface. In this article about best diamond sharpening stone, we will show you some candidates and let's see what will suit you the most. 

Diamond sharpening stones are metal plate with a thin layer of diamond pieces spread over its surface. What makes diamond sharpening stones different from your typical sharpening stone is that it is incredibly coarse and tough. It can easily sharpen extremely dull knives in a jiffy. 

In this article, we will be taking a look at the best diamond stone knife sharpeners in the market today. But before we give you a list of the top-tier diamond sharpening stones, we will first go through its advantages as well as key factors to consider before buying one.

In a Hurry? 

In a hurry and simply want a lowdown as to which diamond sharpening stones to buy? We got you covered there. Here are three of our most recommended diamond sharpening stones based on overall quality, budget, and premium-grade build.


Best Overall

Sharpal 156N Diamond Whetstone Knife Sharpener with Storage Base

The Sharpal 156N Diamond Whetstone is a well-designed knife sharpener and is incredibly flat. The size of the Sharpal 156N also makes it an ideal sharpening stone for larger knives such as hatchets, hunting knives, bowie knives, etc. This whetstone definitely offers a good deal considering its price tag.

High-End Pick

LK-World Double-Sided Diamond Sharpening Stone

In terms of design, the ELK-World Double-Sided Diamond Sharpening Stone definitely wins my vote. It incorporates a hexagon pattern that looks modern and slick. Of course, this diamond sharpener is not just all sizzle with little steak. Far from it. It provides excellent performance when it comes to sharpening blades. This one definitely feels like a premium-grade knife sharpener both in appearance and performance.

Budget Pick

Smith’s Diamond Combo Bench Stone Sharpener

Simple, effective, and affordable. The Smith’s Diamond Combo Bench Stone Sharpener may be a bit rough around the edges, pun not intended. But for its price, it is certainly a highly reliable diamond sharpening stone. The lightweight and slim design also allows it to be placed inside your pocket with ease, making it an ideal outdoor sharpening stone that you can whip out whenever you need it.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Diamond Sharpening Stone

Diamond sharpening stones are sought-after for its ability to sharpen and hone knives incredibly fast with no need for any lubricant (oil or water). While diamond sharpening stones are generally more expensive than your typical whetstone, the added price does give you an edge in terms of sharpening capability. So, is the diamond sharpening stone that best course of action for your blade sharpening needs?

Here are chief aspects you should take into consideration before buying a diamond sharpening stone.

Grit Rating

The grit indicates the level of coarseness that the knife sharpener provides. As with other types of whetstones, diamond sharpening stones come in three types of grit: coarse, medium, and fine. Coarse grits are incredibly rough and might even chip away at the blade if you are not careful. 

For beginners, we highly recommend you go for diamond whetstones with a finer grit to prevent accidentally damaging your knives. You can also check the manufacturer’s recommendation as to which grit to use and how to use it so that you can avoid damaging your knife.

Diamond Quality

While diamonds are known as the hardest material on the planet, you cannot generalize this fact when it comes to diamond sharpening stones. Why? Different manufacturers utilize difference procedures when it comes to developing their diamond whetstone. This means that not all diamond sharpening stones can deliver equal results.

One key factor that high quality diamond sharpening stones have is in its construction. The best diamond whetstones place diamond studs on steel plates which are then fused or glued to a block of steel or aluminum. Alternatively, there are more affordable variations that incorporate plastic or metal foil plates that feature diamond studs which are then attached to a block.

When choosing diamond sharpening stones, we suggest you go for well-known brands such as DMT and Smith’s, to name a few.


Diamond whetstones are generally more expensive than typical whetstones that are made from carborundum or corundum. In general, diamond sharpening stones are priced around $40 and above, as compared to non-diamond whetstones that you can find around $20 or less. While might sound practical to go for cheaper whetstones, you should also consider a cheaper price usually means cheaper quality.

We suggest you don’t try to skirt around a few extra bucks and go for high-quality diamond whetstones from well-known brands. At the very least, these diamond whetstones are sure to last long and deliver excellent sharpening capabilities.

Top 5 Best Diamond Sharpening Stone (This Year's Edition)

Now, that you know how to properly assess a quality diamond whetstone from the rest, let us help you take it a step further with our top recommendations in this particular whetstone category. We compiled a list of the most well-rounded, durable, and reliable diamond whetstones in the market today.

1. DMT WM8EF-WB 8-Inch DuoSharp Plus Bench Stone


  • Type: Monocrystalline.
  • Grit: 600/1200.
  • Dimensions: 13.25 x 13.25 x 11.5-inches.
  • Weight: 1.08 lbs.

The DMT Duo Sharp Plus features a two-sided design which provides different grit ratings. One side provides a coarse surface while the other has a finer grit. This allows for an all-around sharpening capability wherein you can sharpen, maintain, or repair dulled and rusted blade and polished it properly afterwards as well.

The DMT Duo Sharp Plus also utilizes a durable plastic base which improves the stability of using this bench whetstone. The overall construction of this diamond whetstone, as well as the plastic base, is completely water-resistant. In addition, the product comes with a manufacturer’s warranty for good measure.

  • This is a highly versatile diamond whetstone that can sharpen not only kitchen knives but also garden and woodworking tools as well.
  • DMT offers replacement stones as well which you can buy separately.
  • There are different grit stones that are available and compatible with the DMT base.
  • The coarse side appears to be susceptible to wear and tear.
  • If you wish to properly polish ultra-sharp edges, you will need a whetstone with a finer grit than what the DMT Duo Sharp Plus has to offer.
Our Verdict:

The DMT Duo Sharp Plus offers versatility in spades. It can be used for kitchen knives as well as gardening and other heavy-duty tools. If you already have an extra-fin whetstone, then this diamond knife sharpener from DMT will perfectly complement it and provide you with a fantastic tool for sharpening all types of blades.

2. Smith's 50008 8-Inch Diamond Tri-Hone Bench Stone


  • Type: Diamond (Coarse and Fine), Arkansas Stone
  • Grit: 325/750/1200
  • Dimensions: 12 x 6 x 5.25-inches
  • Weight: 4.96 lbs. 

You can always count on Smith’s to provide a comprehensive tool, such as the 5000 Diamond Tri-Hone Bench Stone. This sharpening stone kit comes with three whetstones. Two diamond stones with one having 325 grit (coarse) and the other has a 750 grit (fine). To truly add the finishing touches, you will also have access to a third whetstone made from natural Arkansas stone which has 1,200 grit rating.

Smith’s impeccable craftsmanship is also in full display as the two diamond stones incorporates a special overlapping design. This made a significant difference in regards to its performance as the 5000 Diamond Tri-Hone manages to improve the overall speed of the sharpening process. This sped up performance was achieved due to the overlapping design being able to collect metal filings and keep it away from the diamond whetstone’s surface.

In addition, there is also a micro-tool sharpening pad which is attached at the edges of the diamond sharpening plates. The sharpening pad can be used for precision sharpening such as for the tip of your knife.

  • This diamond sharpening kit is best suited for working on medium to large blades.
  • The excellent versatility of the Smith’s 5000 Tri-Hone also makes it a good choice for sharpening woodworking and gardening tools.
  • All three whetstones have varying colors for easy identification.
  • The kit also comes with a helpful angle guide for beginners.
  • While versatile, the overall quality of the stones seems to fall short to those that DMT offers. Which is not reflective of the slightly higher price tag that the Smith’s 5000 Tri-Hone Kit has.
Our Verdict:

With its triple sharpening stone design, the Smith’s 5000 Tri-Hone is certainly a worthwhile knife sharpening kit despite its slightly higher price tag. It provides excellent performance and is a top-mark diamond sharpening stone kit.

3. Atoma Diamond Sharpener Medium


  • Type: Diamond
  • Grit: 400
  • Dimensions: 8 x 2.77 x 32-inches
  • Weight: 1.32 lbs. 

The Atoma Diamond Sharpener utilizes a medium to coarse 400 grit stone. The lapping plate design makes it quite easy to clean and is designed to not clog with metal filings. We actually highly recommend this for flattening Japanese waterstones.

While definitely a fantastic diamond knife sharpener, the coarseness of the surface might not be ideal for novice users who are still getting the hang of sharpening blades. If you are not careful, the Atoma Diamond Sharpener might chip away at your knife’s blade.

  • These are completely flat diamond sharpening stones which makes it quite easy to use and are quick to sharpen blades.
  • It is extremely coarse and will sharpen blades extremely fast. Extra care should be observed to prevent damaging the blade.
  • Due to 400 grit rating, we recommend this more for lapping than with precision sharpening.
Our Verdict:

This is another top-quality diamond stone sharpener from one of the most trusted manufacturers in this market. If you are looking for a knife sharpener with extra coarseness, the Atoma Diamond Sharpener #400 is one of the best options around.

4. EOYEA Diamond Coated Whetstone 2-Side Grit


  • Type: Diamond 
  • Grit: 600/1200
  • Dimensions: 7 x 3.46 x 1.26-inches
  • Weight: 0.74 lbs.

The EOYEA Diamond Coated Whetstone features a dual-sided design that offers 600 and 1200 grit stones. You can easily sharpen a dull blade using a 600-grit stone and polish it with a 1200 grit one. The surface of this block utilizes diamond coating to deliver excellent sharpening performance. For stability, it comes with an anti-slip plastic base which allows you to efficiently and safely use it on a bench.

The EOYEA Diamond Coated Whetstone also comes with an angle guide and is suited for both sharpening and honing knives. It is durable enough to be used to sharpen other tools such as scissors and hunting knives as well.

  • Quite affordable for the solid sharpening performance it can deliver.
  • Outstandingly flat sharpening surface makes it quite easy to use effectively.
  • The area of the surface that shows the grit label can sometimes catch the blade. An awkwardly placed design, in my opinion.
Our Verdict:

This is a highly recommended diamond sharpening stone to those looking for something relatively more affordable without actually sacrificing the whetstone’s quality. This is also strong enough to take on hard blades such as those made from high carbon.

5. DMT W6FP Diamond Whetstone Sharpener


  • Type: Synthetic Diamond Mesh
  • Grit: 600
  • Dimensions: 15 x 11.5 x 8.5-inches
  • Weight: 0.58 lbs.

DMT once again impresses with the W6FP Diamond Whetstone Sharpener. This particular whetstone incorporates advanced injection molded polycarbonate to the base for enhanced durability. Due to its construction, the DMT W6FP is also suited for sharpening heavy-duty tools such as those used in gardening and in woodworking.

The surface also features dots that help in keeping the diamond coating clean and avoid clogging due to metal filings. This whetstone also does not require any type of lubrication and it can sharpen extra dull blades within a minute. In addition, this diamond whetstone also comes with a free replacement policy from DMT.

  • Top-notch quality and performance as expected from a DMT sharpening stone.
  • This whetstone does not require any sort of lubrication before use.
  • It shaves off the blade at an even pace and does not file the blade too fast.
  • It is advertised as having “fine” grit but it comes with a 600 grit which is considered as “coarse”.
Our Verdict:

As with pretty much all DMT diamond sharpening stones, the W6FP provides excellent performance and reliability in this field. Simply put, you can’t really go wrong with having a DMT whetstone to answer all your knife sharpening needs.

Final Thoughts

If you have an excellent set of knives at home, whether it is for kitchen use or something else, you owe it to yourself to have a whetstone on hand. For larger, tougher, and higher quality blades though, you might want to go for diamond sharpening stones. This type of whetstone is coarse and tough enough to save dull and rusted knives and return it back to its original razor-sharp self. Of course, it will take a bit of practice and know-how, the latter of which you already have a good grasp by now.

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