Best Raclette Grills – A Complete List For This Year

The best raclette grills not only prepare delicious melted Swiss cheese (or raclette) but also ham, dried meats, and sausages, to name a few. As such, a new one will help you to cook delicious meals during breakfast, lunch, or parties because of their versatility. The non-stick cooktops on these items do not burn food. Most models also have stable, countertop designs with pull-out pans for preparing sauces, garnishes, and/or small batches of food.

Are you shopping for a raclette grill for a party or day-to-day cooking at home? This article is for you. We have reviewed some of the best brands for commercial or personal use that you will love having around. They have durable parts, all food-grade. They are also easy to use via onboard controls and have a large cooking area with a non-stick finish.

Are you in a hurry?

We have a selection of the best raclette grill for you in the market this year. If you have a bit of money saved up, the following brands are the best:

Techwood Raclette Table Grill

Best Overall

Techwood Raclette Table Grill

Techwood is a spacious raclette table grill made from cast iron and stainless steel. It also has a 2-in-1 design with a removable grill plate and eight cheese melting pans for hosting indoor parties. You can cook sausages, ham, and seafood on top without burning as the surface is non-stick. The cheese melting pans are large and have cool-touch handles, which makes serving garnishes and sauces easy. This electric grill (1500W) has a 30-day return policy.

Swissmar Classic Anthracite Raclette

High-End Pick

Swissmar Classic Anthracite Raclette

Swissmar Classic has a spacious eight-person design with a cast aluminum grill plate with a non-stick finish. Cooking on it is easy as it does not burn food. It heats evenly and has an adjustable heating element (1200 watts) for cooking most foods. The top grill can sear ham/beef, cook prawns, and cook vegetables such as carrots with little oil. On the other hand, the four bottom trays are ideal for melting cheese or making sauces or garnishes. You get free spatulas (8) a warranty within Canada and the USA.

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Salton Raclette Indoor Electric Party Grill & Raclette

Budget Pick

Salton Raclette Indoor Electric Party Grill & Raclette

Salton is a budget raclette grill designed to cook delicious meals for eight people. It has an electric tabletop design that works well indoors. It also has a grill plate for cooking meats, vegetables, fish and eight pans for desserts and raclette cheese. The top plate has an immersible design that you can remove and clean quickly after use. It also has variable temperature controls for cooking different foods.

Benefits of Raclette Grills

Do you host indoor parties often? To cook delicious meats and vegetables; sauces, and toppings such as cheese, look for a raclette grill. You will enjoy the following benefits by making this decision now:

Spacious: Unlike standard grills that only cook vegetables and meats, the raclette grill can melt the cheese and prepare toppings as well. Thus, if you need a spacious grill that cooks large meals per session, it is one of the best. Almost all models have non-stick top plates for preparing the main meal. The removable trays on the bottom not only boost cooking space but are also safe to handle while cooking.

Easy to Use: You will not need a crash course in cooking to use a raclette grill. The products are easy to use as their systems are often electric. You plug it into a power outlet, turn it on, and cook. You can adjust the temperature with the touch of a button and remove and clean the trays after use.

Safe: Did you know that you can use a raclette grill on a countertop or dining table safely? While their grills are hot, are parts are cool-to-touch. Thus, people can eat from them using the free spatulas that most models come with. The parts, on the other hand, are 100% food-grade. They lack elements such as BPA or phthalates. Finally, unlike gas grills, they do not flare up while in use. The electric elements they use have safely concealed designs.

About Raclette Grills – What to Look For

Materials: Raclette grills come in multiple designs made from several materials. Stainless steel is as common as it is robust and resistant to heat and the element. Cast iron and cast aluminum are equally popular as they are food-grade and non-stick. Buy a product made from one of the following materials. A new one will never let you down over the years.

Power: The power of your raclette grill of choice is essential as it will determine the kind of food you can cook on it. Powerful grills are versatile. Even though you spend slightly more money on power, you can cook most meals quickly, which is good. Keep this in mind the next time you are ordering a grill.

Safety: As you will be using a raclette grill indoors, make sure your model of choice is 100% safe. The electrical system should meet the recommended standards in your country. Also, parts must be food-grade—research before ordering one.

Ease of Use: do not spend a lot of money on a product that requires a bit of skill to use. It will limit your cooking ability and frustrate you while cooking at home. For the best experience, look for an electricity-powered device. They are easy to set up and use as their systems have a plug-and-use design. Also, buy a grill with touch controls.

Top 5 Best Raclette Grills in the Market

We have talked so much about how raclette grills are good for the home. In this section, we have reviewed the 5 best brands in the market this year for you.

1. Techwood Raclette Table Grill


  • 30-day return guarantee
  • 1500-watt heating element
  • Spacious (19x9-inches)
  • Eight cheese melt pans
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Non-stick cooking surface
  • 18-month factory warranty

Techwood is an indoor electric grill with a 1500-watt motor and a removable grill plate with a non-stick surface. The plate is durable and has a fast-heating design that makes delicious seared meats and vegetables. It is also spacious (19x9-inches) and suitable for preparing large meals during parties or family events. The cheese melt pans on the bottom (eight) are equally beneficial for two reasons. They are non-stick and offer a safe area for melting cheese or making food garnishes like the top. Mealtimes will be fun with this novel Korean grill.

The 1500-watt electric element of this raclette grill has an adjustable temperature. You can set it low or high to create the best cooking environment for all mealtime. You plug it into a power outlet and spin a knob to set your preferred temperature. Unlike gas grills, heat does not flare while it is used, making it safe for cooking on tables. With Techwood Raclette, you never worry about quality. You can return it in 30 days if it lets you down.

  • The large top (19x9-inches) has a non-stick coating that cooks tasty meals without burning.
  • It has a powerful electric element (1500 watts) with controls for adjusting its temperature.
  • It has a durable and portable design suitable for organizing indoor parties.
  • The raclette grill is not smokeless (as advertised) while cooking oily meats.
Our Verdict:

You are looking at a durable and food-grade raclette grill with a non-stick and eight cheese pans. It has a powerful (1500 watts) element with adjustable heat controls. It is also spacious (19x9 inches) and promotes healthy cooking as its non-stick coal lowers the need for oil. You will love the raclette grill.

2. CUSIMAX Raclette Electric Grill


  • Portable raclette grill
  • Non-stick top plate
  • Supports oil-less cooking
  • Eight cheese pans
  • Free customer service
  • Adjustable temperature
  • 180-days worry-free return policy

Do you need a portable raclette grill that you can use safely at home? CUSIMAX is the best. It has a portable 2-in-1 design with a non-stick top plate for grilling and searing vegetables and meats. The reversible plate is robust and has adjustable, which makes it suitable for cooking most foods. It is also glare-free, does not smoke much, and supports oil-less cooking, making it healthy. You get eight cheese pans on the bottom of this plate for melting cheese and other condiments. Like the top, the pans are large and non-stick. Handles are stable and cool to touch.

You can adjust the temperature of CUSIMAX to suit the type of food you are cooking. Once powered, spin its knob clockwise to increase the heat and vice versa. Overall, this grill measures 19 x 9 inches, making it easy to store and transport. It also has a stable structure with legs that position its heating element away from tables. As such, apart from granite countertops, you can use them on wood tables safely. The grill has a return policy for 180 days and free customer service over its life. Its quality is good.

  • It has durable and food-grade parts that work together to deliver tasty meals.
  • The 180-day return policy offered for it attests to its long-lasting design.
  • It has a portable design that is easy to set up, use, and clean after cooking.
  • Does not come with a recipe book, unlike other products in its class.
Our Verdict:

Do not confuse its compact design for a weakness. The grill can cook large batches of delicious meals on a reversible top with a non-stick coat. You can adjust its temperature to deliver the best results, while the eight cheese pans on the bottom are ideal. Because it is smokeless, you can use it indoors safely.

3. Swissmar Classic Anthracite Raclette with Cast Aluminum Grill Plate


  • Fast-heating design
  • 1200-watt heating element
  • Adjustable heat control
  • 120-volt electric system
  • Non-stick grill
  • Eight cheese pans
  • Cast aluminum grill plate
  • USA/Canada warranty

Do you need a spacious raclette grill that can cook delicious meals for up to eight people? Swissmar Classic Anthracite is a top-rated design with a cast aluminum grill. It has a durable design with a non-stick surface that grills efficiently without burning food. It also has a fast-heating design that you can remove and clean quickly after use. Whether you like meats or vegetables, this product will satisfy your needs. You get eight cups for melting cheese or making tasty toppings – each with a food-grade design.

This electric Swissmar Classic Anthracite grill uses a 1200-watt heating element with a few pros. It is durable, has fast heating, and has an adjustable heat control that you set via a side-mounted knob. Thus, whenever you need a hot grill for a party or family event, this product delivers. All you need is a 120-volt electrical socket to power this raclette grill.

  • It has a durable cast aluminum grill with a non-stick grilling surface (food-grade).
  • It has a powerful electric element (1200 watts) that uses 120 volts of power.
  • Its food-grade design can grill most foods, including vegetables and meats.
  • Do not overheat the top as it tends to warp when you overheat it.
Our Verdict:

The reversible cast iron pan of Swissmar Classic is non-stick, durable, and food-grade. It is easy to clean and has grates that drain oil from food, keeping it healthy. The 1200-watt element of this grill does not flare while in use. You can also adjust its temperature on demand or use one of its eight cheese pans on the bottom to make toppings.

4. Hamilton Beach Raclette Electric Indoor Grill


  • 200 square feet
  • Dual textured griddle/ grill
  • Eight cheese cups
  • Non-stick parts
  • Indicator lights
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Non-slip feet

Hamilton Beach is perfect for hosting family parties as it is large, non-stick, and easy to use. The top grill, for instance, offers 200 square feet of a non-stick cooking area, which is enough for most people. Fully stocked, you can cook tasty meals for up to eight adults on the dual-textured griddle/ grill on offer. You can also prepare up to eight cups of toppings, which can be cheese or any other condiment. The cups are large, non-stick, and have comfortable handles (cool to the touch) that do not harm users.

Like other products on this list, Hamilton Beach has variable heat controls. Therefore, it is suitable for cooking most meal types, including meat and vegetables. It also supports many cooking methods, including searing, making it perfect for hosting parties on demand. The non-stick parts are easy to clean. Also, you get indicator lights that tell you when it is on or not and when the grill is cooking.  

  • It has a spacious design (200 square inches) that cooks meals for up to eight people.
  • It has a dual-texture grill/griddle with a non-stick finish that cooks delicious meals.
  • The grill has a portable design that takes up little counter space while cooking.
  • Its low-powered electric element takes a longer time to cook, which frustrates some users.
Our Verdict:

If you can endure the long cook time of this grill, you will love the quality on offer. It has a robust design with a non-stick grill plate offering 200 square inches of cooking space. You get 8 warming trays.

5. Salton Raclette Indoor Electric Party Grill & Raclette


  • 8-person raclette grill
  • Eight cheese pans
  • Durable and non-stick top
  • Immersible grill
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Long lasting design
  • Free spatulas (eight)

With Salton, you get an 8-person raclette grill for cooking tasty meals at home. It is safe to use indoors and has a well-engineered system that will never let you down. Its grill, for instance, is non-stick, durable, and cooks without burning food. You can use it for cooking fish, vegetables, and meat with good results every time. You also get eight pans for melting raclette cheese and preparing desserts, and more. Like the grill, the pans have a non-stick and food-grade design. They are also durable and have comfortable handles that will not burn you as you cook and serve food.

With Salton, you have control over the temperature of the grill. Depending on the meal you are cooking, you can set it hot or warm to deliver good results, unlike some brands. The raclette grill also has an immersible grill that takes little effort to clean. After a party, maintaining it is a breeze.

  • Salton has a non-stick design that cooks tasty meats and vegetables without burning.
  • The raclette pans are suitable for melting cheese and preparing delicious desserts.
  • Its immersible grill is durable and very easy to clean after use.
  • Even though provides free, the eight spatulas are not of good quality.
Our Verdict:

Salton is durable, fast heating, and has a food-grade design made from food-grade parts. It is easy to set up and has adjustable temperature control.

Final Thoughts

Raclette grills are smaller than the traditional gas or electric grills that people own. However, they not only cook delicious vegetables and meats but can melt cheese and prepare tasty toppings at the same time. Buying one of our top picks is a good idea.

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